The US has a complex history with race, reproduction, and capital, making it difficult for Black, Indigenous, and people of color to own their narrative and amplify their voices.

Blossom is a movement that explores the complex intersections of reproductive health and racial justice, investment and equity, entrepreneurship, and market development in a hybrid series.

Hearing from Black, Indigenous, women of color we open up the stories of lived shared experiences, providing reliable sources of unique reproductive health needs.

Hearing from partners, investors, and entrepreneurs of color in the reproductive health space allows us to address the disparity between the general market and the one that exists to serve these needs.

In 2021, we are bringing together activists, experts, investors, and entrepreneurs to discuss key challenges women of color face, gaps in the marketplace, how to design their own health journey, the role of the investment community in creating an equitable marketplace, and more.

Reproductive Justice and Impact Investing:

The Intersection Matters

A discussion about race & reproductive health with Heidi Williamson, Marcela Howell, and Ulili Onovakpuri.

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