Who We Invest In


OUI by Cirqle

A completely new approach to women’s contraception.

No longer should we accept the side effects that have become normalized by hormonal birth control. Nor the inconvenience of existing alternatives. OUI is embracing innovation to expand freedom for women.


Increasing women’s geographic access to and choices for contraceptives.

A mission-driven company providing digital access to health care through telehealth and online pharmacy services. It currently provides treatment for HIV prevention (PrEP) and contraception (pill, patch, ring, and EC), with plans to expand its platform to all aspects of primary care services.

YourChoice Therapeutics

Revolutionizing birth control for men and women.

YourChoice Therapeutics developed a hormone-free contraceptive for women and men, helping to ease the burdens of family planning. UC Berkeley research identified two “switches” in sperm required for fertilization, and by blocking these switches, fertilization is prevented—with no side effects.


Improving maternal health outcomes through machine learning

The first at-home, AI-enabled pregnancy wearable, empowering women with more information about their pregnancies to seek care when they need it.

Ovia Health

Making a healthy, happy family possible for everyone

Ovia Health’s comprehensive maternity and family benefits solution is transforming the way women and families are supported throughout the parenthood journey. By delivering real-time personalized guidance, Ovia Health improves clinical outcomes, reduces costs associated with infertility and pregnancy, and helps parents successfully return to work.

Raydiant Oximetry

Keeping mothers and babies safe during childbirth

Raydiant Oximetry is developing a more accurate fetal monitor to diagnose fetal distress, improving outcomes for mothers and babies during childbirth.

Cadence Health


Cadence Health is a women’s health start-up dedicated to making prescription oral contraceptives with a long history of safety and efficacy available to women without the need for a prescription or pharmacist.

RHIA Ventures