Shareholder Advocacy

Our Shareholder Advocacy program partners with investors to promote corporate responsibility regarding all aspects of reproductive and maternal health.


The investors that we work with at Rhia Ventures are committed to leveraging their investment portfolios to effect positive social outcomes. Together, we engage directly with companies in dialogue; attend shareholder meetings; file shareholder proposals; and provide thought leadership through our research, fact sheets, reports and other publications.

In 2020, Rhia Ventures released Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health, a groundbreaking report that connects how access to comprehensive reproductive health care impacts a company’s bottom line and the corporate workforce. Prepared in partnership with FSG, the report identifies five major factors that argue for making access to reproductive health care a business imperative. Read more here.

The COVID-19 pandemic is undermining access to time-sensitive and essential reproductive healthcare needs. Read here what companies can do to ensure that their employees get the reproductive healthcare they need during this crisis.

Our Goals

Educate investor and corporate audiences on the economy-wide and firm-level benefits of improving access to affordable reproductive and maternal health care.
Give visibility and voice to investors who support choice, contraception and maternal and reproductive health.
Advocate for companies to provide first-rate insurance coverage of comprehensive and affordable reproductive health services; generous parental and family leave policies; fertility benefits; support for child care; and protections against pregnancy discrimination.
Encourage companies to support public policies that uphold these rights, values and priorities.
Encourage companies to ensure that their political spending and lobbying activities do not undermine these values and priorities.

For more information, contact Shelley Alpern, Director of Shareholder Advocacy, at

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