“Business holds significant, untapped potential to contribute to women’s advancement and stands to benefit tremendously by ensuring women are empowered. Access to reproductive healthcare is fundamental to women having the agency they need to shape their future.”

– Aron Cramer, president and chief executive officer of BSR

Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health illuminates the link between access to comprehensive reproductive health care and business performance. Companies that provide care that include contraception and abortion coverage have improved rates of not only attracting and retaining employees, but building a strong pipeline of talent while delivering on diversity and inclusion goals. Ultimately, having a positive impact on a company’s bottom line and being prepared for increasing scrutiny from stakeholders.

The report includes specific recommendations for corporations and investors, related both to internal policies and the external policy environment. Hidden Value will be useful for corporate leaders, benefits professionals, health insurers, investors, and anyone with an interest in expanding access to comprehensive reproductive health care.

The research is informed by interviews and input from more than 50 experts in human resources, reproductive health and insurance at 39 companies, including 24 Fortune 500 companies. In aggregate, the companies engaged employ nearly 4.5 million U.S. workers and operate across all 50 states. Also included is survey research conducted among 1,000 college-educated employees ages 18 to 64 nationwide.

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