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Wondering what your company can do to respond in this moment?

See How Companies Can Strengthen Reproductive Health Care to get started.


Introducing Rhia Ventures’ #WhatAreYourRepro Benefits database – a roundup of the corporations who are leading the way in bringing more transparency to abortion care coverage in the private sector. This effort brings unprecedented insight into abortion care policies across companies and industries.

The database was created to help employees, investors, organizations, and other stakeholders get informed so that they can advocate for themselves and their families, encourage current and future employers to improve their policies, and make informed decisions about their health care.

The database tracks corporate responses to abortion bans in four areas:

  • Communications affirming abortion access
  • Policies covering abortion-related travel
  • Paid time off for abortion travel and recovery
  • Support for reproductive health care, rights, or justice organization

The database only includes policies publicly disclosed by companies, publicly reported on, or shared directly with us by company management with permission to post.

See also the nearly 1000 companies that have signed on to Don’t Ban Equality.

For additional information on what corporations and policymakers can do to improve reproductive and maternal health, see our business cases here.

Companies with 500+ employees

CompanyStatementTravel PoliciesPTOSupport for Organizations
Abercrombie & Fitch, Co.The retailer provides travel and lodging reimbursement for its associates and dependents enrolled in its health care program seeking out-of-state care. (Bloomberg)
Accenture, Inc. "To ensure our people have equitable access to the care provided under our healthcare programs, policies, and plans Accenture provides a full range of healthcare benefits." (Today)The consultant company shared that its current benefits include travel assistance for any covered medical services that are not offered within 100 miles of residence. Coverage for travel includes lodging, airfare, and cab rides to the airport. (Today)
Activision BlizzardThe video game publisher added travel benefits to cover reproductive, gender-affirming, transplant health care among other services not available in the state where the employee or dependent reside. (Bloomberg)
Adidas AGThe footwear company shared with Retail Dive, "Adidas stands firm in support of the right to choose appropriate healthcare for yourself. A crucial part of sport is taking care of mind, body, and physical wellbeing... the health and safety of our people is our number one priority." RetailDiveAdidas announced a new program that would cover US employees travel and lodging costs up to $10,000 through its medical plan for abortion care unavailable in state. (Yahoo)
Adobe, Inc. The software company stated that "“We have and will always prioritize inclusive benefits to create a world-class culture for our employees and ensure they have reliable access to medical treatment in consultation with their healthcare providers.” (Today)The company stated, "In the U.S, our healthcare plans offer consistent access to care and resources, independent of geography, which includes the coverage of abortion services and travel or lodging that may be required to obtain those services.” (Today)
Advanced Micro DevicesThe chipmaking company stated that its employees subscribed to US health-care plans will be reimbursed for travel and lodging for services not able to be performed in their state of residence. (Bloomberg)
AEP Ohio (American Electric Power)AEP stated its commitment "to the health and wellbeing of [its] employees and their families." (NBC4)As one of the largest utility companies in the country, AEP stated that it provides comprehensive healthcare benefits to employees and their families including care that is out of state; the Dobbs decision has no does not change their coverage of benefits. (NBC4)
Aesop (parent company of L'Oréal)The Australian luxury brand stated, "Access to safe abortion is a fundamental human right and must be protected.

We stand in solidarity with everyone affected and call on Congress to make access to safe abortion law for all women.

As a business we recognise that abortion health care is a deeply personal issue. Out of respect for our employees and with immediate effect, we are amending our healthcare policy to protect personal freedom and ensure we are doing all we can to advance gender equity." (LinkedIn)
The beauty brand shared that "to support our people, from today Aesop will provide financial support to any employee living in a state which restricts access to abortion." The new policy will cover travel expenses, including food and accommodations. (LinkedIn)Aesop Foundation donated $50,000 to the Center for Reproductive Rights and MSI Reproductive Choices in support of reproductive justice and bodily autonomy. The company will match any individual employee gift made to a charitable organization. (LinkedIn)
Airbnb, Inc. The company's leadership issued a statement of support after Texas' 6-week ban went into effect, stating "Yet, even with the economic and employment gains achieved by women over the past several decades, equality cannot be achieved without access to comprehensive reproductive care that empowers women to not only make their own health care choices, but also to fully thrive." The company also reaffirmed that its health insurance will continue to cover abortion care. Airbnb shared that it will continue to cover travel for employees seeking abortion care outside of their state. (WSJ) The company had previously committed to "support those employees whose ability to make choices about their reproductive care may be impacted by the Texas law." The company updated its bereavement policy to include 20 days for pregnancy loss. (Forbes)The company made donations to reproductive health organizations, including Planned Parenthood.
Alaska AirlinesThe PNW-based airline issued a statement by Andy Schneider, senior VP of People, acknowledging how deeply personal the issue is and ensuring that employees will have their benefits to support their health and well-being regardless of where they live. "Today's Supreme Court decision does not change that."

Alaska Airlines posted a statement after the Dobbs decision and have since removed it.
The company committed to continue reimbursing for travel expenses for medical procedures not available where employees live. (Reuters)
Allbirds, Inc.CEO Joseph Zwillinger shared on LinkedIn an internal message to its employees expressing support and dismay for the SCOTUS decision. The internal memo states, "This feels counter to the progress for equity and self-autonomy we expect and demand." (LinkedIn)The company's leadership will support employees seeking an abortion, "Should you have to incur travel to reach a state that legally allows an abortion and you would like to exercise your right to do so, we will cover your travel cost to ensure that you can make the decision that is right for you." The coverage includes cost of a support person to travel with the employee and any childcare costs incurred during that time. (LinkedIn)In a message to employees, leadership reminded staff of the nonprofit donation matching program and that there are organizations fighting to protection abortions rights that qualify for the program. (LinkedIn)
AlloyThe leadership team published a statement sharing its commitment to its employees in the midst of a wave of anti-abortion laws. Laura Spiekerman wrote, "This isn't the first time in history that private corporations have had to pick up the slack to offer benefits and support to employees that our government struggles to provide to its citizens. At Alloy, we’re proud to stand with our employees and help them live healthy and happy lives in any way we can." (Alloy)The fintech company already offered benefits that include coverage of reproductive care, 16-weeks of parental leave for primary and secondary caregivers, and unlimited PTO. Alloy introduced additional benefits "to support the reproductive rights" of its employees, including covering 50% of legal expenses (up to $5K) that result from anti-abortion laws, contribute up to $1,500 towards out-of-state travel expenses for abortion care, and contribute up to $1,500 for out of-pocket medical expenses in need of out-of-network abortion care. The additional benefits are available to employees or their partners.(Alloy)Alloy already offers its employees unlimited PTO and notes that it can be "used for anything, including seeking abortion care, other reproductive health care appointments, or time off after a pregnancy loss." (Alloy)Alloy offers a donation match program up to $200/employee annually. Employees can donate to reproductive rights organizations. Alloy will not match donations to organizations with "pro-life" causes.
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc.The pharmaceutical company committed to covering travel for its employees seeking abortion care. (Endpoints News) The biotech company would cover all travel expenses outside the plan until the benefit is added via its insurer. (Bloomberg)
Amazon, Inc.Amazon is expected to cover travel expenses for abortion-related travel for employees and dependents eligible for health care insurance, up to $4000 annually. The care must not be available via telehealth or within 100 miles of the employee’s home. Amazon offers up to $10,000 annually for travel reimbursements for life-threatening conditions. (Reuters) The coverage does not include contract employees. (Vice
American Express, Inc. The company stated that its US health plans already cover abortion care and travel expenses. (Bloomberg)
(parent company of Coldwell Banker, Corcoran Group, Sotheby's)
CEO Ryan Schneider issued a statement affirming the company's support for "equal access to quality healthcare of all kinds."Anywhere will reimburse up to $2,500 in travel expenses for employees; does not include brokers.
Apollo Global Management, Inc.The private equity firm will reimburse its US employees for out-of-state for abortion-related travel expenses. (Reuters)
Apple, Inc.An Apple spokesperson stated, "...we support our employees' rights to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive health. For more than a decade, Apple's comprehensive benefits have allowed our employees to travel out-of-state for medical care if its unavailable in their home state." (CNBC)An internal memo reassured staff that it was monitoring the legal proceedings of the Texas ban, and reminded employees that benefits included abortion care and out-of-state travel for medical if unavailable in their state. (TechCrunch)
Association of Flight AttendantsPresident Sara Nelson stated that the Dobbs ruling was devastating and "cuts to the core of all the work that our union has done for 75 years..this is about whether or not we respect the rights of women to determine their own future." Associated Press
AT&T, Inc.The communications company stated that it will reimburse for travel costs for employees seeking abortion care more than 100 miles from where they reside. (Bloomberg)
AtlassianThe company issued a statement shared on twitter stating, "we are dismayed at this decision and stand firmly against the restrictions and removal of rights that have been entrusted in people for decades." The company goes on to say, "Our priority is the health and safety of our employees, including their right to access safe and legal reproductive healthcare." (Twitter)The company shared that starting on June 24, only a few hours after the Dobbs decision, US employees living in states with abortion restrictions will be reimbursed for travel and lodging for both themselves and a companion if they need to go out of state to seek care. (Twitter)
Bank of America CorporationAfter the SCOTUS decision, the bank shared that it will cover travel for its employees that need to go out of state for abortion care. (Reuters)

The bank expanded its list of treatments eligible for travel expenses to include reproductive health care, including abortion care, but did not specify if its exclusive to out-of-state travel. (NY Times)
Bath and Body WorksThe bath shop chain shared that its benefit plans cover "reproductive services, including contraception, abortion (medically necessary and elective), and fertility treatments." The retailer's coverage of health care includes travel reimbursement "to receive safe, high-quality reproductive healthcare that is not available within 100 miles of your home." (NBC4)
Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings, Inc.Ben and Jerry's issued a statement condemning SB 8 as a racist and classist law that denies people bodily autonomy. The company shared in an interview that it supports the Women’s Health Protect Act and that its healthcare plans consider both "elective and therapeutic abortions to be covered benefits." Chris Miller, head of global activism at Ben & Jerry's, states its "important for corporations to continue to speak out on abortion access" and that the company will "continue to stand with other companies." (MarketWatch)

Ben & Jerry's shared a statement in June 2023 on the status of abortion access one year after the fall of Roe and what its consumers can do to protect access to reproductive rights.
Benefit Cosmetics, LLCBenefit Cosmetics posted on Instagram that "Reproductive rights are healthcare rights. Period." After SB 8 took effect in 2021, the brand shared on Instagram that it stands with those seeking abortion care, partners with Planned Parenthood, and encouraged followers to contact policymakers and donate to Planned Parenthood. (Instagram)The beauty brand committed to cover travel expenses for its employees who cannot access care where they live. (Instagram)In its Instagram post in May, Benefit Cosmetics stated that it stands with its partner, "@plannedparenthood as they work to provide access to safe, affordable healthcare for all." The brand encourages its followers to donate to Planned Parenthood. (Instagram)

The beauty brand has donated over $500,000 to Planned Parenthood since 2019. (Allure)
BieGene, Inc. The company stated, "we believe our U.S. colleagues should have access to the same #healthcare options as others regardless of where they live; and we are committed to ensuring they have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide." (LinkedIn)The company announced a new employee benefit for employees and their dependents enrolled in their health plans that will cover out-of-state travel for reproductive health services if access is restricted in their state where they live. (LinkedIn)
Biogen, Inc.The pharmaceutical company signed on to an open letter, in April 2023, calling for the reversal of Judge Kacsmaryk's decision to suspend the FDAs approval of mifepristone. (CNBC)The company will add a benefit to cover travel costs for employees seeking abortion care. (Boston Business Journal)
BlackRock, Inc. Global Head of Human Resources Manish Mehta wrote to staff that "Through company-sponsored health insurance, we have long provided reproductive health care services, including coverage for birth control and abortion or miscarriage care." (Yahoo Finance)The asset management firm announced that it will pay for travel expenses for employees that need to travel for reproductive care, similar to how the company covers travel expenses for other specialized care like transplants, cancer treatment, and joint replacement. (Yahoo Finance)
Blackstone, Inc.The private equity firm will reimburse its US employees for out-of-state for abortion-related travel expenses. (Reuters)
Block, Inc. (formerly Square, Inc.)Effective July 1, the payments company will cover expenses for US employees who need to travel more than 100 miles for abortion care. (Reuters)
Bloomberg LPThe parent company of Bloomberg News covers out-of-state travel for employees and dependents medical services, including abortion care, via its insurance provider where "there is no licensed provider" in the employee's state. (Bloomberg)
Boeing CompanyThe multinational corporation shared with its employees that it has historically paid for travel costs for medical procedures that require travel to ensure consistent access. The company shared that moving forward the company will pay for "reasonable travel costs" if a covered medical service is unavailable within 100 miles of a covered patient's address, "as permitted by applicable laws." (Seattle Times)The company shared that moving forward the company will pay for "reasonable travel costs" if a covered medical service is unavailable within 100 miles of a covered patient's address, "as permitted by applicable laws." (Seattle Times)
Boston Consulting GroupThe consulting group announced that it would cover abortion-related travel expenses. (NY Times)
Box.comThe company will cover employee travel and medical costs for employees seeking reproductive health care. (WRAL)
BP, PLCBP stated, “We believe that all of our US employees are entitled to consistent and safe access to the benefits already covered by our health care plans... That’s why BP has decided to assist with travel expenses for covered health care services that cannot be obtained near where an employee lives.” (Bloomberg)The mulitnational oil and gas company stated that it will "assist with travel expenses for covered health services that cannot be obtained near where an employee lives." (Reuters)
Bristol Myers SquibbThe pharmaceutical company stated that it is “committed to promoting a culture of inclusion and a deep sense of belonging where every employee is heard and their unique perspective is valued,” and that it has a long-standing commitment to health equity. (
Fierce Pharma)
Brown Harris Stevens, Inc.CEO Bess Freedman of the real estate company issued a statement in support of her employees. "Freedman states, It is no secret where I stand on this issue: I firmly believe in a woman's right to choose." The company issued a statement that it will provide up to $4,000 for travel expenses for employees to travel to the nearest location where they can access abortion care. In it's statement, the company shared a list of organizations that are accepting donations.
Bumble, Inc.The dating app issued a statement “Abortion is healthcare, and healthcare is a human right...We are deeply troubled by the Supreme Court decision. At Bumble, we believe in the right to choose and to exercise control over our bodies. The safety, privacy, and freedom of family planning are critical to equality for all—and that includes covering access to abortion care. We will continue to support our employees to get access to the healthcare services that they need.” (Today)Bumble offers 6 months paid leave for birth, adoption, or surrogacy, four weeks of flexible transition back to work for caregivers, 15 days paid “compassionate leave” that includes leave after a miscarriage, 20 days of paid leave for an employee experiencing domestic violence, and 12 weeks of leave annually to take care of a family member. (CNBC)Created relief fund for organizations supporting the reproductive rights of people across the gender spectrum in Texas. (Instagram) The company included in a statement on its site, "We will continue to partner with organizations that work to provide reproductive access to all." (Bumble)
Bungie, Inc. The American video game company issued a statement, "The leaked draft decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade represents a blow to freedom in America and is a direct attack on human rights." Stating, "Bungie is committed to safeguarding the freedom and privacy of its employees and providing support to all employees affected by this decision. Standing up for reproductive choice and liberty is not a difficult decision to make, and Bungie remains dedicated to upholding these values." (Bungie)Bungie shared that it will implement a travel reimbursement program "for any employee to use when they or a dependent cannot get access to the healthcare they need where they live." (Bungie)In its statement, Bungie shared reproductive rights organizations its readers could donate to, including, URGE, RCRC, NARAL, In Our Own Voice, and Trans Lifeline. (Bungie)
BuzzFeed, Inc. CEO Jonah Peretti wrote to employees about the Supreme Court case, "The decision is so regressive and horrific for women that it compels us to step up as a company to ensure that any of our employees who are impacted have funding and access to safe abortions as needed." (Today)CEO Jonah Peretti shared that the company will cover travel costs for abortion care for employees living in the 13 states with trigger bans. (Variety)
Cardinal HealthAs one of Ohio's largest employer, Cardinal Health will cover all abortions and provide $4,000 for travel and accommodations for abortion care, fertility services, and gender-affirming care. (NBC4)
Carlyle Group, Inc.The private equity firm will reimburse its US employees for out-of-state for abortion-related travel expenses. (Reuters)
ChiefCo-founder Lindsay Kaplan tweeted her support of abortion access. The tweet thread details what steps the private membership network supporting executive women will take. (Twitter)The company will reimburse up to $1000 for out-of-state travel expenses for employees and their family members who travel for care including reproductive and gender-affirming car. This will include child care costs. (Twitter)Chief is committing $250,000 to support organizations and making immediate contributions to Abortion Care Network, National Network of Abortion Funds, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, and In Our Own Voice: National Black Women's Reproductive Justice Agenda. (Twitter)
Chobani, LLCChobani President Kevin Burns wrote in a memo to employees, "for Chobani, this is not a political stance or posturing- it's a reaffirmation of our core belief that we will strive to do what's best for the safety, health and well-being of our employees and their families." (Forbes) Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya tweeted, "Businesses have an obligation to prioritize their employees' health, safety, and well-being." (Twitter)CEO announced on twitter that the company added travel for out-of-state care -- including "women's reproductive health services" -- to its health plan. Coverage includes transportation, lodging, and childcare costs for employees or dependents that need to travel out of state. (Twitter)
Cigna Corp.The health company stated, "We will continue to do everything we can to support our customers, clients and employees in accessing affordable, high-quality healthcare. Employers are deeply invested in the health and well-being of their people, and they understand their unique needs." (Managed Healthcare Executive)The company is expanding its travel coverage benefit for health care to include "abortion care, gender-affirming care, and behavior health services in states where access is restricted." (CT Insider)
Citigroup, Inc.Citigroup announced in its 2022 proxy statement to shareholders that it will “provide travel benefits to facilitate access to adequate resources” starting in 2022 in response to the changing reproductive health laws.
CNNCNN announced that it will cover travel costs for employees seeking abortion care. (NY Times)
Comcast Corporation
(Parent company of NBC Universal)
Comcast stated in 2019 in response to 6-week bans, that if any of the laws being challenged are upheld, would impact its "decision making on where we produce our content in the future." (Reuters)Comcast will cover up to $4,000 per trip, up to three times a year, with an annual cap of $10,000 for medical travel. (CBS News)
Compass, Inc.The real estate company will reimburse up to $2,500 for their employees' travel costs for seeking abortion care. The benefit will also cover companions; however, the benefit will not apply to agents since the coverage is through the health insurance plan. (The Real Deal)
Conde NastCEO Roger Lynch shared with employees that the media company has made enhancements to its health insurance to ensure coverage of abortion care for all employees and dependents regardless of where they live, including travel and lodging costs. This benefit is also for infertility and gender affirming services. ( Variety)
Coty (parent company of brands including CoverGirl, Kylie Cosmetics, Rimmel London, and Sally Hansen)The beauty company shared that its US-based employees in states with restrictions or bans will be reimbursed up to $10,000 for transportation and accommodation. (Allure)The beauty company will provide time off for needing to travel to seek abortion care. (Allure)
Creative Artists Agency LLC (CAA)CAA shared that it will reimburse for travel to seek healthcare, including reproductive health. (Variety)CAA donated to Fund for Abortion Relief along with other creative companies. (Hollywood Reporter)
Crocs, Inc. The footwear company announced that it will expand its benefits to include reimbursement up to $4,000 for employee travel costs who need to travel out of state for abortion care. (Footwear News)
CRUDE Personal CareThe skincare company posted on Instagram that the US has the highest maternal mortality rate, that these numbers will increase with the repeal of Roe, stating, "We can - and must - do better. Together we can repair these broken systems and ensure a better future for us all - right from the start." (Instagram)
CVS Health Corp. (Parent company of Aetna)The pharmacy retailer stated, "We will continue to provide colleagues, clients, and consumers with the flexibility to choose medical and pharmacy benefits to best suit their needs. This includes, subject to plan terms and customer direction for self-funded plans, making out of state abortion healthcare services more accessible and affordable." (Managed Healthcare Executive)CVS said it will make out-of-state abortion care accessible to its employees. (Bloomberg)
Danone North AmericaThe company stated, "We are unequivocal in our support for gender equity. We believe reproductive rights fall squarely into that framework, that employees have the right to make personal decisions regarding their health and wellness, and our role is to support them in those decisions.” (NY Times)The company updated its health benefits to include abortion-related travel. (NY Times)
Deciem (Parent comapny of The Ordinary, NIOD, Hylamide)The Canada-based beauty company shared on Instagram, "We support equitable access to reproductive healthcare and the right of every individual to control their own personal health and wellbeing decisions." (Instagram)Deciem committed to donating $100,000 CAD to Planned Parenthood "to help provide access to those who need it." (Instagram)
Dell, Inc.CEO Michael Dell sent a note to internal staff and stated in a CNBC interview that, “We generally believe that that our approach with our team members in Texas is to give them access to more health care, not less health care.” (CNBC)The company stated, "Our priority remains on our team members' health and wellbeing. We continue to work with our healthcare plan administrators to ensure the health coverage we offer provides access to all types of covered care, even when providers are not available in a team member's home location." (Yahoo! Finance)
Deloitte U.S.The consulting company shared that it would cover travel for employees who need health care not available locally. (NY Times)
Dentsu, Inc.The Japanese public relations company shared, "We are encouraged to see a robust industry support for consistent and equal access to women's healthcare across the United States." (The Drum)The company shared that its health benefits "include the reimbursement of travel (inclusive of transportation, lodging and meals) expenses for any medical care service, including abortion, that isn’t available within a 50-mile radius of where one lives." (The Drum)
Deutsche Bank AGThe bank is updating its health policy for US employees to cover travel costs for any medical procedure, including abortion, that is unavailable within 100 miles of where the employee resides. (Reuters)
Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc. CEO Lauren Hobart stated that the company is committed to protecting the health and well-being of Dick's employees, the heart of the business. The statement reassured that employees will have "consistent and safe access" to their employee benefits regardless of where they reside. (LinkedIn)The sporting goods company will provide up to $4000 in travel expense reimbursement for employees, their spouse, or dependent enrolled in their company's health plan who live in states where abortion is restricted. The benefit will also cover one support person's travel expenses. (LinkedIn)
Discord, Inc.The company shared that the SCOTUS ruling "has taken away the ability for millions of people, including members of our team, to access critical health services." (Bloomberg)The company will reimburse employees and dependents up to $5,000 for those who need to travel. (Bloomberg)
DiscoverThe company shared that employees's reproductive or gender-affirming care travel expenses will be covered by BlueCross BlueShield's medical plan where "care is unavailable in a member's home location." (NBC4)
DoorDashDoorDash stated, "It's paramount that all DoorDash employees and their dependents covered on our health plans have equitable, timely access to safe healthcare" (protocol)DoorDash confirmed that it will cover out-of-state travel costs for employees and dependents enrolled in its health plans for abortion-related care. Employees can backdate their travel costs as the company rolls out the benefit. This benefit excludes independent contractors, which includes all of its delivery drivers (protocol)
Douglas Elliman, Inc. Douglas Elliman shared an email with employees stating, "Douglas Elliman stands firmly behind women and their reproductive rights." (NY TimesThe real estate company will reimburse staff and agents for travel expenses for those who are forced to seek care out of state. (The Real)
Duolingo, Inc. CEO Luis von Ahn tweeted out, "I love that @duolingo is headquartered in Pittsburgh and that y'all use it as an example that successful tech companies can start here. If PA makes abortion illegal, we won't be able to attract talent and we'll have to grow our offices elsewhere." (Twitter)The language-learning tech company shared in a statement that it will update its benefits to ensure all US-based employees can access reproductive health care including travel expenses for abortion care. (Post Gazette)
eBay, Inc.The e-commerce company shared that it "has always be committed to providing our employees with full, fair and timely access to care. Our programs have long included benefits for reproductive health, gender affirmation treatments and other healthcare services." (TechCrunch)The e-commerce company will reimburse employees and other covered beneficiaries who need to travel for care when not locally available and unable to be address via telehealth. The benefit is available as of June 8. (Bloomberg)
EdelmanThe public relations firm already covers travel for employees seeking abortion or gender-affirming care out-of-state. (Harvard Business Review)
Electronic Arts, Inc.The video game publisher issued a statement to its employees reassuring them that health and well-being is a top priority. (Bloomberg) EA also has a policy in place for employees who want to consider moving to a different location. (Bloomberg)The company will expand its travel health benefits for employees and eligible dependents. (Bloomberg)
Expedia Group, Inc. Expedia Group shared its commitment to supporting its employee's health and wellbeing. "We take employee privacy very seriously and as such, employees have access to [the travel] benefit through their medical plan directly to maintain confidentiality." (Today)The tech company stated, "We have a US medical benefits policy place to cover travel costs if employees are seeking healthcare that is not provided in their state." (Today)The company shared that "an employee can take time off in accordance with our leave policies and do not need to note a reason." (Today)
Fidelity InvestmentsFidelity recently joined other asset managers and shared that it will cover travel for employees enrolled in the company's health plan seeking abortion care. (Citywire)
Foot Locker Retail, Inc.The footwear company will reimburse employees enrolled in the insurance plan for travel for medical care including family planning. (Bloomberg)
Ford Motors CompanyThe automobile manufacturer stated, "Our priority is simple: to make sure our employees and their families have access to the health care they need." (NY Times) Corporate PR Leader Catherine Hargett stated, "We believe that medical decisions are best left to individuals and their medical providers, not their employers." (Tennessee Lookout)The company shared that employees that have a health savings account (HSA) could use their HSA to get reimbursed for travel costs for medical care "within limitations of tax law." (NY Times)

Freshly (acquired by Nestlé)The meal delivery service shared that it would donate $100,000 to Planned Parenthood. (Cosmopolitan)
Gap, Inc.The clothing brand stated, "At Gap we know that a strong workforce starts with the health and well-being of all our employees - 76% of whom are women... we shared with our teams the wide range of mental health and family planning benefits we offer - because we know it is important to support our employees, regardless of whether, how or women they decide to start a family... We are committed to supporting all employees through these important life decisions - no matter where they live or which path they take." (NBC4i)Employees that are under Gap's United Healthcare plan can access benefits in any state, whether they live there or travel for care. Gap's benefits include adoption, surrogacy, fertility treatment, contraception, abortion, and paid parental leave. (NBC4i)
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.CEO Tony Bates posted that the company will "pay travel expenses for any employee who chooses to travel to another state for reproductive medical procedures." (LinkedIn)
Gilead Sciences, Inc.The company issued a statement in support of its employees and ensure their access to medical services they need, when they need them. The company stated, "This decision will have significant implications for women’s healthcare in roughly half of the states across the country – states where many of our colleagues, partner organizations and patients live and work. Improving health equity has always been core to our mission, including removing barriers faced by women, transgender individuals and other groups who are disproportionately impacted."In its statement, Giliead shared that it is ensuring its health plan will reimburse travel and lodging expenses for out-of-state travel for medical care related to reproductive health services. The Gilead Foundation will donate $1.5 million to reproductive health organizations. The company also created a special matching donation program where the foundation will match contributions of employees up to $15,000.
Girls Who CodeFounder Reshma Saujani shared a post on Instagram, "Overturning Roe has never been about women or kids -- but about controlling our lives and our bodies. If they really cared about us they would make it *easier* to access abortion care. We would have paid leave, universal healthcare, and affordable child care." (Instagram)Founder Reshma Saujani shared in her Instagram post a few things followers can do, including donating to National Network of Abortion Funds, Keep Our Abortion Clinics, and Indigenous Women Rising. (Instagram)
GlobalData, Plc.Managing Director Neil Saunders tweeted, "I believe that women have a fundamental right to control their own bodies. I find state invention in their personal decisions abhorrent. Today, America has moved away from the cherished principles of individual rights. We must not rest until women's rights are reinstated." (Twitter)
GoDaddy, inc.The web host issued a statement, "We're deeply concerned by the recent changes that limit reproductive rights. Limiting these rights the ability for people to pursue success on their own terms, which is core to our mission to empower entrepreneurs everywhere, making opportunity more inclusive." (az central)

In 2021, GoDaddy took down a site created by Texas Right to Life to collect anonymous tips on people seeking abortion care in Texas in an effort to enforce the 6-week ban. (NPR)
GoDaddy shared that it would expand their US health benefits to include abortion-related travel costs and other healthcare needs for employees and their covered family members on its health plan. (az central)
GoldeThe wellness company posted on Instagram, "We stand alongside you in frustration, and hope to do what we can as a family biz to show up and fight for what matters most -- a safe and healthy future for all of us." (Instagram)The company shared that it recently joined Don't Ban Equality's pledge to fight for access to reproductive care and committed to donating a portion of every sale made through its site to National Network of Abortion Funds from June 26 to June 29th. (Instagram)
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.CEO David Solomon issued a statement to its employees, "This morning, the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, holding that the Constitution does not guarantee the right to choose to have an abortion. Millions of women are right now grappling with a new legal reality. I know many of you are deeply upset, and I stand with you." (Business Insider)The investment firm will cover travel expenses for US-based employees that travel to receive abortion or gender affirming care. This benefit will be available as of July 1, 2022. (Reuters)Goldman Sachs implemented 20 days of paid leave for pregnancy loss for an employee, spouse or surrogate, five days of paid bereavement leave for the loss of a non-immediate family member, and 20 days of leave for the loss of an immediate family member. (WSJ)
(Parent company Alphabet, Inc.)
Google's Chief People Officer shared a memo with employees affirming that they can relocate without reason if they live in a state that restricts abortion care. (Variety)Google parent company Alphabet, Inc. offers coverage for out-of-state travel for abortion care to its full-time employees enrolled in its health plans. (WSJ)
GoPro, Inc. The technology company stated, "The U.S. Supreme Courts decision to overturn Roe v. Wade erodes the rights of women in our country." The company committed to creating programs to provide support for its staff in light of the change in abortion access. (LinkedIn)The tech company enhanced its benefits for the full spectrum of family planning care including abortion, adoption, fertility services, prenatal and postpartum support, and surrogacy. (LinkedIn)
GSK plc (formerly GlaxoSmithKlein)The pharmaceutical company acknowledged the impact of the SCOTUS decision as having "far-reaching implications." (Fierce Pharma)The company is "committed to continuing to offer coverage for reproductive health including contraception and abortion." This includes coverage for travel and lodging as permitted by law in the US and Puerto Rico. (Fierce Pharma)
Gucci, inc.Gucci released a statement that it "remains steadfast in its belief that access to reproductive health care is a fundamental human right." (W Magazine)The luxury brand will provide travel reimbursement to employees in the US that need to access care outside of their home state. (W Magazine)
H&MThe company stated, "Not only is supporting access to comprehensive reproductive care for our colleagues pivotal in supporting our women-led work force, but also crucial to our commitment toward full gender parity and equal opportunity in the workplace and broader society." (NY Times)The clothing company shared that it will cover travel-related expenses for employees that live in states with abortion restrictions. (NY Times)
Hewlett Packard Enterprise CompanyCEO Antonio Neri tweeted, "Restricting a woman's ability and choices in obtaining health care is inequitable and harmful to the advancement of women." (Twitter)HPE shared that their companies would cover the costs of out-of-state travel for Texas-based employees who need an abortion. Director of issues management and policy communications stated, "HPE's medical plan allows participants to obtain care out of state, including abortion, and will cover lodging costs depending on distance traveled." (Newsweek)
Hewlett Packard, Inc.Hewlett Packard funds travel costs, and some lodging expenses (LA Times)
IKEA USIkea issued a statement in support of its employees' access to abortion care. The statement includes the company's belief that "safe access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, and the ability for persons to make private decisions about their health and well-being, are essential to advancing gender equity."
Ikea announced that it is expanding its benefits to include reimbursement for eligible travel expenses for abortion, fertility, gender affirming care, and bariatric surgery "when it is unavailable within a reasonable distance of a co-worker's home or in their state of residence."
Indeed, Inc. Indeed shared on LinkedIn, its commitment to supporting its "employees in their own decisions about their health" and that "anything that limits the freedom of women to make decisions about their own health hurts them and society." (LinkedIn)The company shared in a statement that employees enrolled in its health insurance will "continue to be reimbursed for travel expenses for covered medical procedures that are unavailable where they live." (LinkedIn)
Intel CorporationThe company stated it "respects the rights and privacy of our employees to choose what best meets their health needs." (Bloomberg)The technology company said that it will continue to provide resources "for those who need to travel for save, timely health care." (Bloomberg)
Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. The company will update its health benefits to cover the cost of employees who need to travel for abortion care and other critical medical services. (Ad Age)
Intuit, Inc.The company stated it supports its employees' access to "comprehensive health care -- no matter where they live." The company committed to continuing to supporting its employees access to the full range of health care. (NY Times)
J. Crew Group, Inc. (parent company of Madewell and J. Crew Factory)CEO Libby Wadle shared on LinkedIn that "this ruling poses a risk to the health, independence, and economic stability of us all." (LinkedIn)The company's CEO stated, "While we are still navigating this new legal reality, we are prepared to use whatever lawful means possible to assist our employees who need special travel to access healthcare." (LinkedIn)
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. The bank issued a memo to its employees in June stating, "We're focused on the health and well-being of our employees, and want to ensure equitable access to all benefits." (Reuters)JPMorgan Chase will cover travel costs for US-based employees that need to travel more than 50 miles to get care, including abortion care. (Reuters)
Johnson & Johnson, Inc. J&J stated after the Dobbs decision that it strove to “put health within reach for the people we serve" and that “We also believe health care decisions are best determined by individuals in consultation with their health care provider.” (NY Times)
KPMG, LLPThe multinational professional services network shared that it would cover abortion-related travel and lodging. (NY Times)
Levi Strauss & Co. The clothing brand issued a statement and shared that "Business leaders are responsible for protecting the health and well-being of our employees, and that includes protecting reproductive rights and abortion access. " Levi Strauss issued a statement offering employees who participate in the company's health plans a travel benefit to access abortion care out of state; part-time employees can be reimbursed.
Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. The company stated on Instagram, "WE STAND WITH WOMEN." The post also affirms its support for community activism and will cover bail for any employees arrested for protesting peacefully. (Instagram)The entertainment company shared on Instagram that it will cover travel expenses for employees that need to travel out-of-state for "women's health care services." (Instagram)The company committed to match $500,000 of Lizzo's $500,000 to Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds. (Variety)
Lululemon Athletica, Inc.The athletic wear company posted "Reproductive rights are human rights" stating, "Achieving equality requires access to reproductive healthcare." (Instagram)The clothing brand expanded its support for reproductive rights by donating $500,000 to the Center for Reproductive Rights and continuing its support for the Black Women's Health Imperative. (Instagram)
Lush Cosmetics Ltd.Lush leadership issued a statement expressing concern for women’s rights and affirmed that access to abortion is essential to a healthy workforce and community. Investigating what it can do to support staff with “inclusive and equitable care” and emphasizes the need for passing the Women’s Health Protection Act (Business Insider)The beauty company added benefits to "address a variety of medical needs, including abortion and gender-affirming care, that may require travel to different states." (allure)Lush offers 10 wellness days that employees can access at any point.
Lyft, Inc.Lyft released a statement in support of their drivers, riders safety and privacy, and values as a company. Additionally, Lyft created a Legal Defense Fund to cover 100% of legal fees for drivers sued under Texas’ unconstitutional ban. Lyft announced a $1 million donation to Planned Parenthood Federation of America to help reduce transportation as a barrier to accessing health care.
Macy's, Inc. (parent company of Bluemercury) The department store stated, "Through our value of Acceptance, we lean into supporting personal decisions – which fully aligns with the commitment we made through our social purpose platform, Mission Every One -- empowering more voice, choice and ownership for our colleagues, customers and communities. " (LinkedIn)The department store stated that it will expand its benefits coverage to provide travel reimbursement for employees to receive medical care they need. (LinkedIn)The department store stated that it will expand its paid time off (PTO) for employees to receive the medical care they need. (LinkedIn)
Mastercard, Inc.Mastercard will cover out-of-state travel and lodging expenses for its employees seeking abortion care starting in June. (Reuters)
Match Group (parent company of OKCupid, Tinder, Hinge, Plenty of Fish)Subsidiary OKCupid, tweeted on Tuesday that overturning Roe v. Wade would be “unacceptable,” adding: “Tag a brand you want to see take action." (Twitter)Match CEO Shar Dubey created a fund to cover the costs of employees and their dependents who need to travel to access abortion care. (Bloomberg)
Meta Platforms (parent company of Facebook and Instagram)The family of social media companies shared its intention to reimburse employees who have to travel for reproductive health services. The company added the caveat that it will offer this benefit, "to the extent permitted by the law" and that they are assessing how best to provide the benefit given the legal complexities. (NY Times)
Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft will cover travel expenses for employees in the US. The company already covers abortion and gender-affirming care. (Reuters)
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Implemented compassionate leave policy for attorneys and professional staff which includes 15 consecutive days after a miscarriage, up to five days in a 12-month period after a failed surrogacy, adoption, or infertility treatment, and increased the bereavement leave up to 15 days for spouses and children and up to five days for other close relatives.
(formerly SurveyMonkey)
The tech company will cover employee and dependent travel costs for abortion, infertility, and gender-affirming care. (Business Insider)
Nest Seekers InternationalCEO Eddie Shapiro will cover "all expenses for those who ask for help."
Netflix, Inc.The streaming company will reimburse travel expenses through its health plans for employees seeking abortion care. There is a $10K lifetime max per employee or dependent per service (Variety).Netflix already has a flexible paid leave policy in place which allows staff to take time as they need it (instead of requesting time off via a manager).
Nike, Inc. The retailer issued a statement after the SCOTUS opinion, “No matter where our teammates are on their family planning journey – from contraception and abortion coverage, to pregnancy and family-building support through fertility, surrogacy and adoption benefits – we are here to support their decisions." (Footwear News)In its statement, Nike shared that it covers travel and lodging expenses where care is unavailable near an employees home. (Footwear News)
Nordstrom, Inc.The fashion retailer expanded its health benefit to include coverage for travel to ensure its "employees have continued access to the healthcare they need." (Popsugar)
OpenSeaThe largest marketplace for nonfungible tokens shared that it will cover travel expenses for US employees and dependents to receive "critical health care" and created a #roe-discussion Slack channel to encourage employees to support each other in response to the news. (Bloomberg)
Paramount Pictures CorporationThe media company's leadership sent a memo to employees committing to covering travel costs for employees enrolled in the company's health insurance. The benefit will be used available for services including abortion, miscarriage management, birth control, and other reproductive health-related services that are prohibited in the employees area. (Variety)
Patagonia, Inc. The company issued a statement in support of abortion access stating, "Caring for employees extends beyond basic health insurance, so we take a more holistic approach to coverage and support overall wellness to which every human has a right. That means offering employees the dignity of access to reproductive health care. It means supporting employees’ choices around if or when they have a child. It means giving parents the resources they need to work and raise children." The company will also provide training and bail for employees that peacefully protest for reproductive justice. The outdoor brand stated that it covers the cost of health insurance for both part-time and full-time employees. The health plans cover abortion care and cover travel, lodging, and food for those employees who live in a state with restrictions.
PayPal Holdings, Inc.Chief Human Resources Officer Kausik Rajgopal stated, "“As a PayPal community, we’ll continue to work to provide equitable access to health care benefits for our employees." (Bloomberg)Paypal's Chief Human Resources Officer Kausik Rajgopal shared that the company will reimburse employees who live in states with abortion restrictions and need to travel. (Bloomberg)
Pinterest, Inc.As of January 2022, Pinterest’s leave policy includes four weeks of paid leave for pregnancy loss. (protocol)
Power Home RemodelingChief People Officer Hollie Delaney states "This is not about politics, its about people. It's about the responsibility we have as business leaders to create a safe environment for our employees, support their needs, and safeguard their rights." The remodeling company released a statement announcing a policy, effective immediately, to reimburse employees or dependents that need to travel to receive medical care not available within 100 miles of their residence. The coverage includes "airfare, mileage/gasoline costs, tolls, hotel fees, meals expenses, childcare, and other applicable costs." The policy has a $5,000-lifetime reimbursement limit for individuals and a $10,000 family lifetime reimbursement limit. Power Home Remodeling announced a maternity management program, an increase in its fertility coverage, and unlimited counseling sessions. These benefits are available to employees on their first day of employment regardless of whether they are enrolled in the company's health plans.
PricewaterhouseCoopersThe professional services brand shared that pwc employees could apply for financial assistance for medical expenses. (NY Times)
Procter & GambleP&G stated that effective January 1, 2023, the U.S. healthcare plans will expand coverage for travel support for travel expenses incurred to receive covered medical care when a provider is not available within a 50-mile radius.
Publicis Group SADuring a global meeting, the company reassured staff that they will "continue to support access to reproductive healthcare for all our people throughout the U.S. -- which includes supporting our employees with travel for abortion care." (Ad Age)
Reddit, Inc. The company will provide stipends for travel expenses incurred by employees seeking procedures, including abortion care. (NY Times)
REI Co-op, Inc.The outdoor gear co-op will reimburse for travel and lodging for employees living in restricted states and need to travel more than 100 miles for reproductive health care. (Bloomberg)
RevlonThe beauty company stated, "we strive to provide equitable benefits. Today Revoln's healthcare benefits cover reproductive health -- and they will continue to." (popsugar)The beauty company committed to expanding its benefits to include up to $2,000 for travel and lodging costs for those who live in states that ban "certain services." (popsugar)
Rivian AutomotiveThe carmaker committed to providing up to $5,000 employee and dependent travel expenses who need to access reproductive health care. (Bloomberg)
RobinhoodThe stock-trading app will cover employee and dependent travel up to $5,000 in travel expenses for reproductive health care. (Bloomberg)
Salesforce, Inc.Communicated the company’s solidarity with its employees, especially with all of the “women at Salesforce and everywhere." (CNBC)Salesforce offered to pay for travel to access abortion care and/or relocate its employees and their immediate family if they have concerns about access to abortion care in their state (CNBC). In September 2021, Salesforce messaged its employees offering to help relocate employees out of Texas in response to the 6-week abortion ban taking effect. (CNBC)
Sanofi U.S.The company reassured its employees it supports the right for all people to control their own bodies and that progress and equality are "intertwined, fundamental, and worth defending and protecting." (Fierce Pharma)
SAPThe software company expanded its US health care coverage to include out-of-state travel for employees who cannot access care they need. SAP emphasized the need to ensure "safe and consistent access to basic health services for all, including reproductive care.” (Bloomberg)
Screen Actors Guild AFTRA Health Plan (SAG-AFTRA)SAG-AFTRA stated that it would, "ensure participants will continue to have access to safe abortion services regardless of where they live or work." (Indie Wire)The SAG-AFTRA trustees approved coverage for reimbursement of travel and lodging for participants and dependents (including dependent children) who need to travel out-of-state for abortion care. (Indie Wire)
Sephora USA, Inc.The brands Chief People Officer sent an internal memo before the SCOTUS decision affirming its staff's right to "outstanding care" including reproductive health care. The memo shares that there will be an upcoming update to the employee benefits this fall and a commitment to place "equity at the heart" of its long-term people decisions. (LinkedIn)The company commits to cover transportation costs for employees that live in states that restrict access to abortion and need to travel to a state with access to care by October 1st. (LinkedIn)
Shiseido Americas (parent company of Drunk Elephant, NARS, Tory Burch, Clé de Peau Beauté)The global brand stated it supports "all individuals as they make the best personal health decisions for themselves and their families -- including when it comes to pregnancy and reproductive healthcare." (popsugar)The conglomerate of brands expanded its employee benefits to cover travel and other expenses for employees seeking certain reproductive health procedures not available nearby. (popsugar)
Skechers, Inc.The footwear company will expand its benefits program to include reimbursement of $4,000 for travel expenses for medical care, including abortion. CEO Mark Greenberg stated, "Good corporate citizenship means equal opportunity for all employees, and as a company with employees in all 50 states, we believe it is up to us to do what we can to provide the same rights across our U.S. workforce." (Footwear News)
Snap, Inc.
(parent company of Snapchat)
The social media parent company informed employees the company would be reimburse up to $10,000 for travel and lodging costs related to care banned in their state, including abortion care. The coverage is for subscribers and their dependents through insurance. (Bloomberg)
Sony Group CorporationUS-based Sony employees receive reimbursement for travel if necessary to access care, including reproductive health care, under its health plan. (Variety)
Stagwell GroupCEO Mark Penn issued a press release in response to the SCOTUS decision stating, "While we cannot predict how abortion access will evolve in the coming months, or even years, Stagwell believes employees should have access to excellent health care, regardless of their location." (PR Newswire)The company will expand its benefits to include travel for employees to "access the nearest approved reproductive healthcare provider in a legally permissible way." (PR Newswire)
Starbucks CorporationActing VP Sara Kelly wrote a letter to Starbucks employees stating, "regardless of what the Supreme Court ends up deciding, we will always ensure our partners have access to quality healthcare." The company announced in May that they are expanding its health care to include reimbursement for travel expenses to seek abortion or gender-affirming care when unavailable within 100 miles of the employee's or dependent's home. This only applies to employees and dependents enrolled in Starbucks health plans. According to the letter shared in mid-May, Starbucks benefits include paid leave for "eligible" employees who have a new child via birth, adoption, or foster.
State Street Corp. The financial institution shared that it will rework its health benefits to cover travel costs for employees seeking abortion care. (Boston Business Journal)
T-Mobile US Inc.CEO Mike Sievert announced that the company expanded its existing travel and lodging coverage for care not locally available to include abortion care through its UnitedHealthCare and Premera plans. (BNN Bloomberg)
Target CorporationStarting in July, the company will cover travel for abortion care if the employee lives in a state where abortion is banned. (CNBC)
Tesla, inc.Telsa provides coverage for travel and lodging for those seeking health care unavailable in their home state through an "expanded Safety Net program" offered since 2021. (protocol)
The Body ShopThe beauty company stated, "At The Body Shop, we believe access to comprehensive reproductive health care is a basic human right, which is why we're deeply saddened by the US Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. We have always believed in being a vehicle for challenge and change, and this decision is a setback in the fight for bodily autonomy." (Instagram)The Body Shop states that as part of its priority to support its employees affected by the Dobb's decision, it will reimburse for expenses for US employees so they can access safe care where (Yahoo)The company made a $25,000 donation to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, stating, "Our priority is to provide support to employees affected by this decision –including any members of our US collective who may need expense reimbursement so they can secure safe care where it is legally available." (Instagram)
The Estee Lauder CompaniesThe beauty brand stated that "the health, wellbeing, and safety of our employees is top priority, and we are committed to support employees and their dependents enrolled in ELC's medical plan with comprehensive benefit programs that enable them to make health decisions." (Instagram)The brand expanded its benefits program to cover travel and lodging for employees that travel to access reproductive health care when not locally available. This benefit is available to both full- and part-time employees and dependents enrolled in the company's health plan. The benefit will be effective as of August 1, 2022. (Instagram)
The Knot WorldwideCEO Timothy Chi posted a statement affirming support of "women's reproductive rights" including reviewing and updating their internal employee benefits. (LinkedIn)The Knot Worldwide, which includes The Bump, will provide reimbursement for transportation and travel costs to seek care that "is not accessible within a reasonable distance from an employee's home." (LinkedIn)The brand reviewed its internal employee benefits and announced a new parental leave that extends the leave policy for the birthing parent up to 18-20 weeks and created a new policy to "address pregnancy loss on top of any applicable disability leave." Unlimited PTO is already available to employees. (LinkedIn)
The Kroger CompanyThe company stated, "we strive to ensure our associates have access to a wide variety of benefits that provide value in their lives today and in the future. We invest in the whole person with comprehensive benefits package that include quality, affordable health care" including abortion and fertility treatments. (WCPO)The company stated its benefits include quality, affordable health care and travel up to $4,000 for several categories of care and reproductive health services, including abortion and fertility. This benefit is available to employees enrolled in the company's health plan. (WCPO)
The New York TimesThe news outlet stated that it will expand its health benefits to "cover abortion-related travel and other procedures not available within 100 miles of an employee's home, including gender-affirming care." The company is also speaking with its unions to ensure unionized employees can also access the benefit. (NY Times)
The Walt Disney CompanyDisney committed to providing comprehensive reproductive health care, including family planning and abortion care, in light of the recent Dobbs ruling. (Reuters) In 2019, Deputy Chief Bob Iger stated that the company would likely abandon Georgia as a production site if the abortion ban remained in place. (Variety)The company will cover an employee's need to travel to access care, including abortion care and family planning services. (Reuters)
TikTokTikTok stated that it was in the process of updating its benefits to include ensuring employees have access to the wide range of care including family and reproductive care regardless of where they reside. (Bloomberg)
Uber Technologies, Inc.CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted that Uber would cover legal fees of drivers sued under SB8. (CNBC)
Ulta BeautyThe beauty store chain stated, "While the Supreme Court's ruling directly impacts women and families, we continue to closely monitor the situation and will continue evaluating how we can best support our associates should other issues impact communities within the Ulta Beauty family." (Popsugar)The company will cover travel costs for employees enrolled in its health plan who need to travel for reproductive health care services. (Popsugar)
Unilever, Inc.
(parent company of Dove)
Dove posted on Instagram, "We believe it is a fundamental right for women to make decisions about their own bodies and futures." The company also stated, "Together with Unilever, we are joining hundreds of other businesses in signing on to Don't Ban Equality, to add our voice in standing for policies that promote people's health and independence. (Instagram)The beauty brand is "committed to providing our U.S. employees with comprehensive reproductive healthcare benefits to cover travel costs if care is no longer available in their home states." (Instagram)
United Talent AgencyUnited Talent Agency issued a statement in anticipation of the SCOTUS decision. CEO Jeremy Zimmer stated in a memo to employees in regards to their new travel benefit, "We're doing this to support the right to choose that has been the bedrock of settled law for almost half a century."UTA introduced a new employee benefit to cover travel expenses related to seeking reproductive health services not accessible in their state of residence. CEO Jeremy Zimmer stated in a memo to employees, "UTA has a long history of giving generously through our Foundation to organizations that support women's reproductive health care, which we will continue to prioritize."
UnitedHealth GroupThe health insurance agency will cover abortion-related travel. (NY Times)
URBN (parent company of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie)URBN told The Washington Post that it will cover travel for abortion so that its employees "can access the comprehensive benefits offered by our health plan, no matter where they live." (The Washington Post)
VF CorporationCEO Steve Rendle shared an internal message to its employees that the SCOTUS ruling "will have a significant ripple effect as individual states can now decide whether and when abortion will be legal or decide to ban or restrict abortion in new ways. This will call into question many aspects of women’s reproductive rights and civil liberties broadly." (twitter)CEO announced on LinkedIn "one of our highest priorities at VF is providing robust benefits and resources to our associates so you can manage your physical, financial, and emotional well-being. As we shared a few weeks ago, our HR Benefits team has updated our national health plans to extend travel and lodging benefits for all medically necessary services that aren’t available in the areas where our associates reside, including elective abortion." (twitter)
Victoria's Secret & Co. The lingerie company stated that it believes "a woman's right to self-determination is fundamental... and supports a woman's right to choose, including equal access to safe reproductive and abortion care." (NBC4)This Columbus- headquarted Victoria's Secret & Co.- which hailed itself as a champion for women's rights- provides its employees with a suite of reproductive benefits, including abortion-, adoption- and infertility-related services. ()NBC4
VimeoCEO Anjali Sud shared her support for abortion access as a part of health care and a fundamental human right. She states that, "This is a step backward for both our individual freedoms and our collective prosperity." (LinkedIn)The video hosting, sharing, and services platform provider instituted new policies to ensure access to abortion care. CEO Anjali Sud shares that effective immediately costs related to travel and lodging will be reimbursed through their medical plan for anyone needing to travel out of state for care. (LinkedIn)
Virgin Group Ltd.Founder Richard Branson issued statement affirming his support of abortion access.
Vox MediaCEO Jim Bankoff pledged to “support employees seeking access to critical health care, including abortion.” (Vox)The media company will reimburse employees who have to travel more than 100 miles for "critical health care" up to $1,500 reimbursement for travel-related expenses. (Vox) The company's union employees demanded the same benefit be available to them. (twitter)
Walmart, Inc.Walmart shared in late August 2022 that it would cover abortions only in cases of health risk to the patient, rape, incest, miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy. The company shared that it would provide "travel support" through its insurance plans for covered individuals if they need to travel to access care within 100 miles of their location. (WaPo) Walmart shared in an internal memo that it will add surrogacy support, financial support for adoption, and create a Center of Excellence for fertility care.
Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.The film company expanded its health benefits to cover travel for employees that must travel out-of-state for reproductive health care, including abortion care. (Variety)
Wells Fargo & CompanyThe financial institution shared that it will rework its health benefits to cover travel costs for employees seeking abortion care. (Boston Business Journal
WPP Group, Inc.Global Chief Officer Jennifer Remling shared her devastation at the recent SCOTUS decision and the organization's "principles of equity and the right for everyone to make choices about their own bodies and their own health." She also shared that WPP recently signed on to the Don't Ban Equality statement, which recognizes reproductive health care as central to gender equity and women's full participation in the workforce. CEO Mark Read sent an internal memo that WPP is "updating its benefits plan to provide funding for travel that allows consistent access to healthcare and resources, including abortion care," which will be shared in detail with employees in the next two weeks. The plan ensures confidentiality and privacy are protected at all times.
WW InternationalThe weight-loss company stated, "Access to health care for our bodies should be a right and when the private sector needs to step up to make up the gap of public policy, that's a problem." (Instagram)Weight Watchers will provide support for travel needed to access reproductive health care. (Bloomberg)
Yahoo, Inc. The web service provider informed employees prior to the SCOTUS decision that it would cover travel costs for those who need to travel more than 100 miles to access care, including abortion and contraceptive care. The benefit will provide reimbursement up to $5,000. (CBS News)
Yelp, Inc.Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman stated, “The effective ban on abortions in Texas not only infringes on women’s rights to reproductive health care, but it puts their health and safety at greater risk” after SB took effect in 2021 (ABC News).Announced coverage of costs for employees who must travel to access abortion care (ABC News). Yelp’s Chief Diversity Officer stated, “We've long been a strong advocate for equity in the workplace and believe that gender equity cannot be achieved if women's rights are restricted” (Business Insider).Yelp’s foundation double-matched employee donations to organizations fighting abortion restrictions (Business Insider).
Zendesk, Inc.The software support company issued a statement in support of its employees, stating "access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, is a workforce issue and is central to gender equity and full participation in the workplace."In anticipation of the SCOTUS decision, the company is offering up to $3000/year to cover travel expenses for employees, spouses, or dependents who need to travel for reproductive health care, including abortion care. In September 2021, the company added pregnancy loss to its employee benefits which offers 15 days off to pregnant employees or partners or surrogates.
Zillow, Inc.The real estate company stated, "“We strongly support our employees’ right to make health care choices that are right for them, and we will continue to do so.” (The Hill)The company will cover its employees travel costs up to $7,500 for those needing to travel to receive abortion or gender-affirming care. The new benefit was effective as of June 1. (The Hill)
ZoomThe videoconferencing company already includes reproductive health care and travel coverage for more than 100 miles from home for medical care. (Bloomberg)
Good RxThe healthcare company stated, "We believe that women have the right to make their own decisions regarding their health, including their reproductive health and access to abortion." (LinkedIn)GoodRx updated its benefits to include reimbursement for abortion-related travel expenses for its employees. It also created the Reproductive Health Center which provides resources related to emergency contraception, abortion costs, and access. (LinkedIn)
Goodwin ProcterThe law firm shared that it did not have offices in states with abortion bans at that time, but will cover travel costs for health care not available up to $5000. (Above the Law)
Honda Motor Co, Ltd.The automobile manufacturing company stated, "Our focus at Honda is on continuing to provide high-quality healthcare services available to all of our associates... our current plan provides coverage for reproductive health benefits, including abortion procedures in limited instances." (NBC4i)

Companies with <500 employees

CompanyStatementTravel PoliciesPTOSupport for Organizations
829 StudiosWill provide up to $3,500 in travel expense reimbursement for travel to Massachusetts or the nearest location where care is legally available. This benefit will be available to employees, spouses/partners, dependents, and a support person.
Abacus Wealth PartnersAbacus, a values-centric financial advisory firm, will reimburse up to $3,000 for any employee, spouse, or dependent plus one support person, who needs to travel for reproductive care or gender-affirming care that is not accessible in their state of residence. Reproductive health includes the full spectrum of care from contraception, to maternal and newborn care, infertility, sexual or intimate partner violence, STIs and HIV/AIDS, and reproductive cancers.The purpose-driven firm already offer its employees unlimited PTO as parts of its benefits package.
About-Face BeautyThe beauty brand posted on instagram, "This is a catastrophic attack on bodily autonomy, and will only encourage more dangerous legislation, which will impact vulnerable communities the most." (Instagram) Founder Halsey wrote an essay sharing her abortion story after the Dobbs decision. (Vogue)About-Face founder Halsey auctioned off five original paintings to raise funds for the National Network of Abortion Funds. (billboard) The company also shared links for its followers to support Planned Parenthood, Brigid Alliance, National Network of Abortion Funds, and the Center for Reproductive Rights in its Instagram stories. (Instagram(
Adasina Social CapitalThe investment advisory firm implemented a policy to cover up to $4,000 per 12-month period for any employee who needs to travel for reproductive care or gender-affirming care not accessible in their state. The policy includes coverage for travel of a support person. Reproductive health services include contraception, abortion, maternal and newborn care, infertility, sexual or intimate partner violence, STIs, and other health needs.
Alleyoop, Inc.CEO and founder Leila Kashani posted "It's simple: Reproductive Rights are Healthcare Rights" and shared her support of "everyone's reproductive rights" and encouraged all genders to stand in solidarity with the "power of choice." (Instagram)The company's post encouraged its followers to donate to reproductive rights organizations and abortion funds. (Instagram)
Alloy, inc. Pledged to support its team as reproductive rights are in the cross hairs. Committed to covering 50% of legal expenses up to $5,000 for legal issues, up to $1500 towards travel costs out of state, and up to $1500 for out-of-pocket medical expenses related to anti-abortion policies. Alloy's statement shares the company’s benefits including insurance coverage of reproductive health care, 16 weeks of parental leave for primary and secondary caregivers, and unlimited paid time off. The PTO can be used for seeking abortion care, other reproductive health appointments, or time off after a pregnancy loss. Will match an employee’s donation up to $200 through its annual donation match program. Employees can choose to donate to reproductive rights organizations; the company will not match donations to any anti-abortion organizations.
Amalgamated Financial Corp.Amalgamated shared its support for access to reproductive health and rights. Amalgamated announced an internal human resource guideline that will provide coverage for any employee or their dependent who needs to travel out of state for reproductive health care. The coverage includes plane fare or gas costs, lodging and meals, and childcare expenses up to five days. Established the Critical Reproductive Access Fund to deploy and direct new resources to organizations responding to the current state of abortion access.
AmikaThe personal care company will reimburse for travel and lodging expenses for its employees that need to travel out-of-state for abortion care or other health services. (LinkedIn)The company offer "paid leave and additional support for any employee who experiences the loss of a pregnancy, including abortion." (LinkedIn)
Andalou Naturals, Inc. The beauty brand stated, "Let us be clear: Abortion is health care and a human right. We are proud to support the movement to protect access to abortion across the country and to support our people." (Facebook)
Andrew Fitzsimons HairThe beauty brand shared on Instagram, "we believe everyone should have the access to the medical care they need, including access to safe abortions, without restrictions. We stand with our industry peers against policies that limit people's independence and their ability to make their own personal health decisions. We are proud to sign on to #DontBanEquality." (Instagram)The hairstylist also spearheaded a beauty industry-wide fundraiser in support of Planned Parenthood. (Propeller) Fitzsimons also has a permanent "Social Giving" page that shares information and resources for people who can become pregnant and need access to abortion care and support reproductive rights organizations. (Andrew Fitzsimons)
Bad Robot Production, Inc.Posted on Instagram in support of the right to decide whether and when to be a parent and condemned the TX abortion ban (Instagram).
BeautyologieThe beauty brand posted, "The end of Roe is not business as usual. Stripping people of their right to abortion will have dangerous consequences. This ruling harms people of all genders, incomes, and backgrounds — including workers, businesses, and the economy. It jeopardizes the future of work and each worker’s future."

The post, shared in support the Bans Off Our Body Walkout and abortion providers, provided different ways its followers could participate and show their support for abortion rights. (Instagram)
Beekman 1802The beauty brand based in Schenectady, NY provides travel assistance for employees who can get access to care close to where they live. (Allure)The company offers paid time off to access reproductive health care for its employees when unavailable near where they live. (Allure)The beauty brand donated an undisclosed amount of funds to Planned Parenthood. It also donated products for a fundraiser in Los Angeles organized by beauty journalists, Elizabeth Denton and Kelly Atterton, which raised over $50,000 for Planned Parenthood. (Allure)
Beyond YogaThe yoga clothing brand reiterated its "commitment to support reproductive rights for our employees, community, and beyond." (Instagram)The brand will continue to ensure its employees can get the care they need regardless of where they reside. (Allure)Beyond Yoga donated $25,000 to the ACLU to support abortion access in 2021. (Instagram)
Billie Inc.Billie posted on Instagram "Your choices about your body should be just that -- yours to make." with a caption "From day one, we have celebrated and championed women's rights to make choices for themselves." (Instagram)The brand donated $100,000 to the ACLU to "help provide resources to those who are fighting to protect human rights" and invited its followers to also donate. (Instagram)
Black Girl SunscreenThe skincare brand posted on Instagram, "women's rights are human rights" with a #RoeVsWade caption. Instagram
BosparLaunched a “Texas Staff Relocation Plan” in which Bospar will cover relocation expenses for staff in Texas who need to relocate to ensure they can control their reproductive health. This plan will extend to staff in other states that restrict access.
Business Forward, Inc. Executive Director Liz Fairchild issued a statement in response to the recent SCOTUS opinion that "Today’s decision not only puts women’s health at risk, it also impairs states’ ability to attract talent and build vibrant, inclusive, and economically competitive communities.” (Business Forward)
Certain Affinity, Inc.The game developer company's CEO Max Hoberman sent a memo to the company's full-time staff. Hoberman shares his dismay with the recent policy changes in Texas, he states, "This is all incredible concerning on a personal level, and also as a business owner and leader; naked politicization of private health matters is hurting our business in tangible ways, including our ability to recruit staff." (Twitter)In the memo to full-time staff, leadership shares that staff that live in a state or province that restricts access to "what a majority of medical experts consider essential care," that the company will cover "pre-approved, documented, reasonable out-of-pocket costs of your relocation to another, safer state or province that we operate in." (Twitter)
Circumference, Inc.The CEO and Founder posted on Instagram that "As a majority women owned and operated company, we celebrate women and the power of choice. Reproductive rights are healthcare rights." (Instagram)The brand donated 20% of its sales from June 30 to July 4 to Keep Our Clinics. (Allure)
cocokindThe beauty brand shared in a post, "We are deeply disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade... We also believe that a person's right to decide what is best for their body and their future is a human right." (Instagram)
Credo BeautyThe beauty brand shared "People kind - we advocate for equality and human rights, including reproductive rights." With the caption, "Credo supports the right to choose and stands in solidarity with those fighting for justice and access to safe abortions."
CREDO MobileThe company posted its support on ally reproductive rights organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and Ultra Violet. (Instagram)In its instagram post, the company encouraged its followers to donate to Texas abortion funds. (Instagram)
DeoDoc, Inc.The company posted, "As doctors, we know that abortion is an essential medical and human right. Not a matter of politics, nor religion" with an image of repeated "Stay out of my uterus" text. (Instagram)
DevaConcepts, LLCThe company posted "Access to safe abortions is a right that should not be up for debate. The potential overturn of Roe v. Wade will impact people who are pregnant, specifically women of color and economically disadvantaged people." (Instagram)The company donated $5,000 each to reproductive justice organizations: National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF), In Our Own Voice: National Black Women's Reproductive Justice Agenda, and National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice and encouraged its followers to follow suit. (Instagram)
East Fork PotteryCommitted to donating 20% of sales from Mother's Day Weekend to the Carolina Abortion Fund "to support their life-affirming work." Also made a suggestion to set up a recurring monthly donation to an abortion fund in your area if not planning on buying any pottery. (Facebook & Twitter)
E.l.f. Beauty (Including E.l.f. Cosmetics Keys Soulcare and Well People)Elf Cosmetics posted on Instagram "We stand courageously with our community and promise to channel our feelings into love and action.

We will always champion women's rights and we are committed to the fight for freedom of choice and reproductive rights for all... we will continue the have our employees' backs, providing unwavering support and access to reproductive care." (Instagram)
The company will cover the cost of travel and lodging to provide its employees with full access to reproductive care services. (Instagram)The company already offers and supports employees' use of their flexible time off to speak out and join non-violent demonstrations. (Popsugar)e.l.f. donated $75,000 to Planned Parenthood and matched employee donations; CEO Tarang Amin also personally matched every employee donation to these organizations. It also made a call to action to donate to PPFA and other organizations "fighting for women's reproductive rights." (Allure)
Eva NYCThe beauty company states it will reimburse for travel and lodging expenses for full- and part-time employees who need to travel out-of-state for healthcare, including abortion care. (popsugar
Everlane, Inc.The company posted on Instagram, "Your body, your choice" and shared that it designed a T-shirt with "100% My Body" that will donate 100% of proceeds to the ACLU. (Instagram)The clothing retailer created a "100% My Body" T-shirt that 100% of profits (with a minimum donation of $22/shirt) to the ACLU. (Instagram)
Experiment BeautyShared on its Instagram that its channeling its "humor and anger" into donations, volunteering, and resource sharing. "As a woman owned business with an all female team, its never been more important for us to stand up for our rights. We are beyond tired of our bodily automony being up for debate." (Instagram)After the draft SCOTUS opinion was leaked, the brand committed to donating a portion of revenue since its launch to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Keep Our Clinics campaign, which fundraises for independent clinics around the US. (Instagram)
Favor, Inc.
(Formerly The Pill Club)
CEO Liz Meyerdirk shared a post on her LinkedIn a statement of solidarity, "we’re committed to supporting our patients who need abortions, partnering with in-person and virtual clinics to help get them care. And even though we don’t know exactly what the Court’s final ruling will say, there are ways to take action today." The post, among other things, also provides information on reducing the risk of unintended pregnancy (LinkedIn). The reproductive care provider also created a resource guide for patients to navigate their options as well as this resource hub to take action to protect themselves and others. Favor (Formerly The Pill Club) updated it's pregnancy loss leave policy to explicitly include leave for abotion care, giving all abortion patients a minimum of ten days to also account for travel (more based on gestational age), as well as $3000 for travel expenses. Favor consulted medical professionals (internally and externally) to ensure all patients will have the time they need to obtain and recover from the abortion. Read more on Favor's pregnancy loss leave policy (op-ed). Favor offers offers 3 days of leave after a "non-medically advised pregnancy termination" and leave for pregnancy loss including:

10 days paid leave if they experience a loss within the first 11 weeks of pregnancy;

8 weeks of paid leave for a loss during 12-19 weeks of pregnancy; and

16 weeks of paid leave if they experience a loss in the 20th week of pregnancy or beyond (Fast Company).
CEO of Favor suggests ways to take action including donating to "abortion funds and independent clinics providing abortion support for people who need it" and provides a link to a few funds highlighted by Favor. (LinkedIn)
Fempower BeautyThe beauty brand posted on Instagram that "Pregnancy should not make a body public property." The post's caption stated "#reposting from 2019. Can’t believe we are here. Even LOUDER for the people in the back! 📣." (Instagram)
Farmgirl Flowers, Inc.Posted on Instagram, “Abortion is health care – period. We’re standing by advocates like planned parehtood as they fight to protect access to abortion in Texas and beyond.”
Florence HealthcareThe biotech company issued a statement in support of its employees. The company stated, "We at Florence believe all humans deserve access to care of any kind, regardless of locale." (LinkedIn)The company will offered to fund travel to seek abortion care effective immediately. (LinkedIn)
Fur, LLCThe co-founders posted on Instagram "At Fur we believe in the power of choice. Body hair options are a privilege but reproductive rights are fundamental." (Instagram)The co-founders committed to donating to the National Network of Abortion Funds and urged its followers to donate to NNAF and abortion funds in states hostile to abortion access. (Instagram)
Geben Communications, LLCFounder and President Heather Whaling shared, "I see advocating for our team’s well-being as part of my job. Most recently, this involved access to healthcare. Let’s be clear: I deeply believe in the importance of access to healthcare — especially reproductive health, and including abortions." The communications company will cover up to $2500 for employees who need to travel out-of-state to access care not available where they live. The company will also ensure insurance coverage of Plan B and Plan C.
GlossierThe beauty brand posted a statement in response to the overturning of Roe. "We are committed to advocating for reproductive rights for everyone. We will continue to stand with our community and the #DontBanEquality Coalition." (Instagram)
goop, Inc.goop stated on its Instagram that "we believe in reproductive freedom, body integrity, and equal rights regardless of gender." (Instagram)In its post in support of reproductive freedom, the brand pointed its followers to a link to donate to the ACLU's reproductive freedom project, "which fights for the rights of individuals to decide freely, without government hindrance or coercion, whether or not to bear a child." (Instagram)
Harper Wilde, Inc.Harper Wilde launched a limited edition bralette and Cap in response to the extreme anti-abortion laws being passed across the US and the brand's "not-so-subtle way of standing for the rights to make our own decisions about our own bodies." It ended its post with "Keep your beliefs out of our briefs." (Instagram)The brand is donating 15% of the proceeds of its newly launched "f*ck your laws." bralette and Cap to the Roe Fund which provides emotional and financial support for Oklahoma women seeking reproductive services, including abortion care. (Instagram)
Herbivore Botanicals, LLCThe company posted on its Instagram "To all of those who could be affected—non-binary individuals, transgender folks, + all of those with a uterus—we see you. Your body, your choice." (Instagram)
Hims & Hers Health, Inc.hims & hers posted a statement of affirmation on LinkedIn, stating "We believe it's important to give our employees certainty over their healthcare and this important right." (LinkedIn)The company is implementing "$6000 in travel reimbursement" and two weeks of leave for employees or their partner who need to travel out of state for "reproductive healthcare access." (LinkedIn)
HydraFacialThe skincare company shares that the Dobbs decision and its consequences are personal stating, "a woman's power is never to be limited or underestimated. As a female-majority community, we see firsthand every day the positive impact she makes when completely empowered: as our employees, our partner aestheticians, and our clients. We will always be on her side." (popsugarHydraFacial states it will support employees and families covered by their medical plan and through travel stipends for out-of-state health care. (popsugar
Impossible Foods, Inc. The plant-based food company said that it would cover travel for abortions, as well as, lodging, meals, and childcare. (Chicago Tribune)
Indeed, Inc. The employment website posted a statement expressing its commitment to "supporting employees in their own decisions about their health." (LinkedIn)Indeed shared that employees who are on the company's health insurance will "continue to be reimbursed for travel expenses for covered medical procedures" unavailable where they live. (LinkedIn)
InkHouse InkHouse offers 20 weeks of paid parental leave (applies to miscarriage or pregnancy loss at 20 weeks of pregnancy) and two weeks of paid leave for employees experiencing a miscarriage or pregnancy loss in the first 20 weeks.
Jenny Patinkin Eco-Luxe Beauty Tools, DBA
(Lazy Perfection, LLC)
Founder Jenny Patinkin posted that "action needs to be taken now more than ever to protect our civil rights, our rights as women and our basic human rights." (Instagram)The founder asked followers to donate to national and local organizations that provide access to women's health care. (Instagram)
Kiramoon BeautyThe beauty company stated, "We stand for all reproductive rights, for all humans." (Instagram)The company donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights and urged its followers to donate to reproductive rights groups and abortion funds. (Instagram)
Knix & Kt by KnixThe innovative underwear company shared a statement in support of access to abortion care. The company states, "Policies that restrict reproductive healthcare go against our core belief as a brand." (Facebook)
Mejuri, Inc.The company's CEO posted a statement standing "in solidarity with every individual's right to choose." The post states "This news is a direct threat to the right and access to healthcare, and it is our collective responsibility to protect one another." (Instagram)The brand's CEO committed to donating to Keep Our Clinics and urged its followers to make donations to reproductive rights groups. (Instagram)
MMI AgencyCEO Maggie Malek posted on LinkedIn about the recent events around abortion access in the state of Texas and the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion. She states, "All of us deserve the right to make our own healthcare choices, choices that are personal and private – this is integral to our beliefs and values as a company that is equitable and inclusive for all, and we will not stand for anything less." (LinkedIn)The agency supports its employees' "right to privacy and access to healthcare" by covering the costs of all travel expenses, including lodging for employees and their dependents, to ensure access to that critical care (AdWeek). MMI offers unlimited PTO and flexible work schedules, 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave for all (including adoption), with the flexibility to extend, and bereavement leave to cover pregnancy loss and abortion care.CEO Maggie Malek is seeking out volunteer opportunities and is offering MMI Agency’s advertising, marketing, and creative services for abortion funds and reproductive rights organizations.
Mother Denim, LLCThe brand's post states "We unapologetically stand for all reproductive rights" and includes an image that states "Having the freedom to make safe choices for our bodies and having access to resources and medical care is fundamental." (Instagram)The denim company donated $20,000 to the Center for Reproductive Rights and invites followers to donate to reproductive rights organizations including those that protect access to contraception and clinics. (Instagram)
Caribou Financial, Inc. (formerly MotoRefi)MotoRefi CEO stated that the company does not support TX SB 8. (Fortune)
Nobl Collective, LLCThe consulting firm shared a statement, "Here at NOBL, we believe in the right to bodily autonomy—which the U.S. Supreme Court has just eroded by overturning Roe v. Wade, gravely impacting our team and our clients. We’re angry, sad, and deeply unsettled that a few can rob a fundamental human right from so many." The firm will be "offering our team financial support if they need to travel to secure healthcare, and will support relocation costs if employees wish to relocate to another U.S. state in response to the ruling and ensuing state laws. We will also be reviewing our travel policies for pregnant employees visiting states with anti-choice laws in order to ensure their protection in the event of any medical emergencies."
Nyssa Care, Inc.CEO Eden Laurin wrote a letter sharing her dismay about the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe. Stating that "the decision will lead to more maternal deaths in the United States." She also writes that "Access to health care and the ability to have agency over our bodies -- as men or women -- is a human rights issue."
Oakview Group, LLCOVG stated, "We fully support equal access for all women to obtain the proper care that they deem appropriate for their bodies." (Instagram)
OpenSeaThe crypto currency marketplace created a slack channel for its employees called "#roe-discussion" to encourage employees to support one another as they cope with the news. (Bloomberg)The company will cover travel expenses for employees or their dependents to receive "critical health care." (Bloomberg)
Ouai HaircareThe company posted "a woman is the only person who should make decisions about her body. Abortions are healthcare." (Instagram)The brand committed to donating $15,000 to Keep Our Clinics and an additional $1 (up to $10,000) for each like the post received. The post also shares additional reproductive rights groups to donate to. (Instagram)
Ovia Health, Inc.The reproductive health tech company's co-founder Gina Nebesar shared in a statement that although the federal ruling changed, "the need for women to have safe access to care has not." She states, "as a mom of three myself, I empathize that the parenting decision is deeply personal and must be one of the most challenging moments of a person’s life. It’s a decision that some make for themselves, and some make for their existing families."
Pacifica BeautyThe beauty company will ensure employees have access to reproductive health care regardless of where they live including travel for out-of-state care. (popsugar
Pair TeamIn an internal statement to employees, co-founders Neil Batlivala and Cassie Choi stated that SCOTUS' decision "is a tragedy. This decision disproportionately impacts women of color and low-income communities. It goes against everything we stand for as champions of health equity. We can't reverse the decision, but we can act in alignment with our mission and values to protect our team and the communities we serve."Pair Team's leadership announced "[e]ffective immediately, Pair Team will cover any reproductive-related travel expenses up to $4,000 if you live in a state where access to abortion is illegal. We are working on the expense submission process with respect to maintaining personal privacy."
Parade, inc.Parade posted a note from its CEO Cami Tellez stating "Since the beginning of Parade, we've been unapologetic supporters of abortion access and reproductive rights." Tellez writes, "We're horrified by this decision and we're with you on the basic rights to govern our own bodies." (Instagram)Parade's CEO committed to donate 1% of its revenue to "reproductive rights." The post also makes an ask for donations to reproductive rights groups including abortion funds, such as Missouri Abortion Fund, Choices: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health, Fund Texas Choice, Cobalt Abortion Fund, and the Keep Our Clinics campaign, which fundraises for independent clinics around the US. (Instagram)
Pattern BeautyPattern posted on Instagram that the Dobbs decision is a "dangerous, calculated & regressive curtailment of women's rights, & of our status as free & equal citizens; stripping women and birthing people of their right to govern their own bodies." The brand affirmed that it "stands with democracy & human rights & we support reproductive freedom & bodily autonomy." (Instagram)
rhodeThe skincare brand posted "we are heartbroken to hear the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade." The post shares resources on where to seek health care, medical advice, and opportunities to get involved. (Instagram)In response to the Dobb's decision, the skincare brand donated to Plan C, the National Network of Abortion Funds, and the AFIYA Center and encouraged its followers to donate to the USOW, Plan C, and the AFIYA Center. (Instagram)
RitualRitual posted on its LinkedIn that its "commitment to reproductive rights always starts with our team" and that it remains committed to "supporting our employees choice to, or not to, have a family." (LinkedIn)The company offers unlimited paid time off, flexible work schedules for transition back to work, and bereavement leave including for abortion, miscarriage, or pregnancy loss. (LinkedIn)Launched an employee donation match program up to $1000 per employee. (LinkedIn)
SaieThe beauty brand posted, "BANS OFF OUR BODIES" on Instagram. The company stated, "Today we are in solidarity with walkout participants, abortion providers, and many other companies standing up for abortion rights." (Instagram)The beauty brand created The Every Body Campaign in October 2022 where 37 brands will repackage their best-selling products in a limited edition "Every Body Green" packaging with all proceeds going to SisterSong. (Allure)
S'eau Prima, inc.The brand posted "We mean business. We mean change. Nowhere is this more immediately urgent than in the fight for women's reproductive rights and the women it disproportionately affects." (Instagram)The brand committed to donating 30% of its sales in May to the ACLU. (Instagram)
Solugen, Inc.CEO Gaurab Chakrabarti tweeted disgust with SB 8 and his intent to open a new R&D facility outside of Texas because of the difficulty to recruit talent. (Bloomberg)
Squigs BeautyThe beauty brand posted on its Instagram its continued "support of women's reproductive rights and our right to choose." (Instagram)Squigs committed to donating to Planned Parenthood and urged its follers to donate to abortion funds and other reproductive rights organizations. (Instagram)
TatchaThe beauty brand shared a statement on Instagram, "As a company that is female founded, run by a majority female employee base, primarily serves female clients, and is dedicated to improving the lives and equality for women through access to education, we are deeply disappointed by the unraveling of women’s access to healthcare." (Instagram)Tatcha will "ensure travel costs are covered for U.S. employees if reproductive health care is no longer available in their home state." This benefit will be available through the company's "health care benefits that give access to reproductive health care." (Instagram)
Urban Skin RxThe company posted "We believe women have the right to make our own choices about our bodies. We do not believe that our bodies should be a playground for lawmakers." (Instagram)
Veris Wealth PartnersVeris Wealth Partners affirmed support for "women's rights to have control over their bodies." Stating, "We are unapologetically pro-choice. We believe that access to abortion is a basic right to medical care. We also condemn any effort to demonize abortion, as women often make this choice with anguish."The firm made a corporate donation, matched by the firm's Partners, to PPFA in May 2022. It also made a call to action to support reproductive health and rights organizations like PPFA, NARAL, CRR, and NAF.
Youth to the People, Inc.The company posted a "Reproductive Rights + Healthcare Access" Resource Guide and stated "whether you have a uterus or just believe anyone who does should have the right to decide what to do with it, we've put together a comprehensive list of resources for reproductive healthcare access for ALL." (Instagram)

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