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Rhia Ventures created the database to track corporate responses to abortion bans in four areas:

  • Communications affirming abortion access
  • Policies covering abortion-related travel
  • Paid time off for abortion travel and recovery
  • Support for reproductive health care, rights, or justice organization

The primary purpose of this database is to showcase positive responses and policies and serve as an information source. The database only includes policies that have been publicly disclosed by companies, publicly reported on, or shared directly with us by company management with permission to post.

For additional information on what corporations and policymakers can do to improve reproductive and maternal health, see our business cases here.

Companies with 500+ employees

Company StatementTravel PoliciesPTOSupport for Organizations
Allbirds, Inc.CEO Joseph Zwillinger shared on LinkedIn an internal message to its employees expressing support and dismay for the SCOTUS decision. The internal memo states, "This feels counter to the progress for equity and self-autonomy we expect and demand." (LinkedIn)The company's leadership will support employees seeking an abortion, "Should you have to incur travel to reach a state that legally allows an abortion and you would like to exercise your right to do so, we will cover your travel cost to ensure that you can make the decision that is right for you." The coverage includes cost of a support person to travel with the employee and any childcare costs incurred during that time. (LinkedIn)In a message to employees, leadership reminded staff of the nonprofit donation matching program and that there are organizations fighting to protection abortions rights that qualify for the program. (LinkedIn)
Amazon, Inc.Amazon is expected to cover travel expenses for abortion-related travel for employees and dependents eligible for health care insurance, up to $4000 annually. The care must not be available via telehealth or within 100 miles of the employee’s home. Amazon offers up to $10,000 annually for travel reimbursements for life-threatening conditions (Reuters). The coverage does not include contract employees (Vice).
Apple, Inc.An internal memo reassured staff that it was monitoring the legal proceedings of the Texas ban, and reminded employees that benefits included abortion care and out-of-state travel for medical if unavailable in their state (TechCrunch).
Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings, Inc.Ben and Jerry's issued a statement condemning SB 8 as a racist law that denies people bodily autonomy. The company shared in an interview that it supports the Women’s Health Protect Act, and that insurance coverage includes abortion care (MarketWatch).
Benefit Cosmetics, LLCBenefit Cosmetics posted on Instagram that "Reproductive rights are healthcare rights. Period." After SB 8 took effect in 2021, the brand shared on Instagram that it stands with those seeking abortion care, partners with Planned Parenthood, and encouraged followers to contact policymakers and donate to Planned Parenthood. In its Instagram post in May, Benefit Cosmetics stated that it stands with its partner, "@plannedparenthood as they work to provide access to safe, affordable healthcare for all." The brand encourages its followers to donate to Planned Parenthood (Instagram).
Bumble, Inc.Bumble offers 6 months paid leave for birth, adoption, or surrogacy, four weeks of flexible transition back to work for caregivers, 15 days paid “compassionate leave” that includes leave after a miscarriage, 20 days of paid leave for an employee experiencing domestic violence, and 12 weeks of leave annually to take care of a family member (CNBC).Created relief fund for organizations supporting the reproductive rights of people across the gender spectrum in Texas (Instagram).
ChiefCo-founder Lindsay Kaplan tweeted her support of abortion access. The tweet thread details what steps the private membership network supporting executive women will take. (twitter)The company will reimburse up to $1000 for out-of-state travel expenses for employees and their family members who travel for care including reproductive and gender-affirming car. This will include child care costs. Chief is committing $250,000 to support organizations and making immediate contributions to Abortion Care Network, National Network of Abortion Funds, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, and In Our Own Voice: National Black Women's Reproductive Justice Agenda. (twitter)
Chobani, Inc.Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya tweeted, "Businesses have an obligation to prioritize their employees' health, safety, and well-being." (Twitter)CEO announced on twitter that the company added travel for out-of-state care -- including "women's reproductive health services" -- to its health plan. Coverage includes transportation, lodging, and childcare costs for employees or dependents that need to travel out of state. (Twitter)
Citigroup, Inc.Citigroup announced in its 2022 proxy statement to shareholders that it will “provide travel benefits to facilitate access to adequate resources” starting in 2022 in response to the changing reproductive health laws.
Dell, Inc.CEO Michael Dell sent a note to internal staff and stated in a CNBC interview that, “We generally believe that that our approach with our team members in Texas is to give them access to more health care, not less health care” (CNBC).
The Walt Disney CompanyDisney committed to providing comprehensive reproductive health care, including family planning and abortion care, in light of the recent Dobbs ruling. (Reuters)The company will cover an employee's need to travel to access care, including abortion care and family planning services. (Reuters)
Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc. CEO Lauren Hobart stated that the company is committed to protecting the health and well-being of Dick's employees, the heart of the business. The statement reassured that employees will have "consistent and safe access" to their employee benefits regardless of where they reside. (LinkedIn)The sporting goods company will provide up to $4000 in travel expense reimbursement for employees, their spouse, or dependent enrolled in their company's health plan who live in states where abortion is restricted. The benefit will also cover one support person's travel expenses.
DoorDashDoorDash stated, "It's paramount that all DoorDash employees and their dependents covered on our health plans have equitable, timely access to safe healthcare" (protocol). DoorDash confirmed that it will cover out-of-state travel costs for employees and dependents enrolled in its health plans for abortion-related care. Employees can backdate their travel costs as the company rolls out the benefit. This benefit excludes independent contractors, which includes all of its delivery drivers (protocol).
GoDaddy, inc.In 2021, the web host took down a site created by Texas Right to Life to collect anonymous tips on people seeking abortion care in Texas in an effort to enforce the 6-week ban (NPR).
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.Goldman Sachs implemented 20 days of paid leave for pregnancy loss for an employee, spouse or surrogate, five days of paid bereavement leave for the loss of a non-immediate family member, and 20 days of leave for the loss of an immediate family member (WSJ).
(Parent company Alphabet, Inc.)
Google parent company Alphabet, Inc. offers coverage for out-of-state travel for abortion care to its full-time employees enrolled in its health plans. (WSJ)
Gucci, inc.Gucci released a statement that it "remains steadfast in its belief that access to reproductive health care is a fundamental human right" and will be providing travel reimbursement to employees in the US that need to access care outside of their home state (W Magazine).
Hewlett Packard, Inc.Hewlett Packard funds travel costs, and some lodging expenses (LA Times).
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. The bank issued a memo to its employees in June stating, "We're focused on the health and well-being of our employees, and want to ensure equitable access to all benefits." (Reuters)JPMorgan Chase will cover travel costs for US-based employees that need to travel more than 50 miles to get care, including abortion care. (Reuters)
The Knot WorldwideCEO Timothy Chi posted a statement affirming support of "women's reproductive rights" including reviewing and updating their internal employee benefits. (LinkedIn)The Knot Worldwide, which includes The Bump, will provide reimbursement for transportation and travel costs to seek care that "is not accessible within a reasonable distance from an employee's home." (LinkedIn)The brand reviewed its internal employee benefits and announced a new parental leave that extends the leave policy for the birthing parent up to 18-20 weeks and created a new policy to "address pregnancy loss on top of any applicable disability leave." (LinkedIn)
Levi Strauss & Co. Levi Strauss offered employees who participate in the company's health plans a travel benefit to access abortion care out of state (Fortune); part-time employees can be reimbursed (Footwear News).
Lush Cosmetics Ltd.Lush leadership issued a statement expressing concern for women’s rights and affirmed that access to abortion is essential to a healthy workforce and community. Investigating what it can do to support staff with “inclusive and equitable care” and emphasizes the need for passing the Women’s Health Protection Act (Business Insider).
Lyft, Inc.Lyft released a statement in support of their drivers, riders safety and privacy, and values as a company. Additionally, Lyft created a Legal Defense Fund to cover 100% of legal fees for drivers sued under Texas’ unconstitutional ban. Lyft announced a $1 million donation to Planned Parenthood Federation of America to help reduce transportation as a barrier to accessing health care.
Mastercard, Inc.Mastercard will cover out-of-state travel and lodging expenses for its employees seeking abortion care starting in June. (Reuters)
Match GroupSubsidiary OKCupid, tweeted on Tuesday that overturning Roe v. Wade would be “unacceptable,” adding: “Tag a brand you want to see take action” (twitter).CEO Shar Dubey created a fund to cover the costs of employees and their dependents who need to travel to access abortion care (Bloomberg).
Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft will cover travel expenses for employees in the US. The company already covers abortion and gender-affirming care (Reuters).
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Implemented compassionate leave policy for attorneys and professional staff which includes 15 consecutive days after a miscarriage, up to five days in a 12-month period after a failed surrogacy, adoption, or infertility treatment, and increased the bereavement leave up to 15 days for spouses and children and up to five days for other close relatives.
Netflix, Inc.The streaming company will reimburse travel expenses through its health plans for employees seeking abortion care. There is a $10K lifetime max per employee or dependent per service (Insider).
Nike, Inc. The retailer issued a statement after the SCOTUS opinion, “No matter where our teammates are on their family planning journey – from contraception and abortion coverage, to pregnancy and family-building support through fertility, surrogacy and adoption benefits – we are here to support their decisions." (Footwear News)In its statement, Nike shared that it covers travel and lodging expenses where care is unavailable near an employees home. (Footwear News)
Pinterest, Inc.As of January 2022, Pinterest’s leave policy includes four weeks of paid leave for pregnancy loss.
Power Home RemodelingChief People Officer Hollie Delaney states "This is not about politics, its about people. It's about the responsibility we have as business leaders to create a safe environment for our employees, support their needs, and safeguard their rights." The remodeling company released a statement announcing a policy, effective immediately, to reimburse employees or dependents that need to travel to receive medical care not available within 100 miles of their residence. The coverage includes "airfare, mileage/gasoline costs, tolls, hotel fees, meals expenses, childcare, and other applicable costs." The policy has a $5,000-lifetime reimbursement limit for individuals and a $10,000 family lifetime reimbursement limit. Power Home Remodeling announced a maternity management program, an increase in its fertility coverage, and unlimited counseling sessions. These benefits are available to employees on their first day of employment regardless of whether they are enrolled in the company's health plans.
Proctor & GambleCompany statement states that effective January 1, 2023, the P&G U.S. healthcare plans will expand coverage for travel support for travel expenses incurred to receive covered medical care when a provider is not available within a 50-mile radius.
Salesforce, Inc.Communicated the company’s solidarity with its employees, especially with all of the “women at Salesforce and everywhere" (CNBC).Salesforce offered to pay for travel to access abortion care and/or relocate its employees and their immediate family if they have concerns about access to abortion care in their state (CNBC). In September 2021, Salesforce messaged its employees offering to help relocate employees out of Texas in response to the 6-week abortion ban taking effect (CNBC).
Starbucks CorporationActing VP Sara Kelly wrote a letter to Starbucks employees stating, "regardless of what the Supreme Court ends up deciding, we will always ensure our partners have access to quality healthcare." The company announced in May that they are expanding its health care to include reimbursement for travel expenses to seek abortion or gender-affirming care when unavailable within 100 miles of the employee's or dependent's home. This only applies to employees and dependents enrolled in Starbucks health plans. According to the letter shared in mid-May, Starbucks benefits include paid leave for "eligible" employees who have a new child via birth, adoption, or foster.
Tesla, inc.Telsa provides coverage for travel and lodging for those seeking health care unavailable in their home state through an "expanded Safety Net program" offered since 2021 (protocol).
Uber Technologies, Inc.CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted that Uber would cover legal fees of drivers sued under SB8 (CNBC).
United Talent AgencyUTA issued a statement affirming its support and announcing a new benefit. CEO Jeremy Zimmer stated in a memo to its employees, "UTA has a long history of giving generously through our Foundation to organizations that support women's reproductive health care, which we will continue to prioritize." The agency announced that it will reimburse employees for travel expenses for those traveling out-of-state for reproductive health services not accessible in the state.
Virgin Group Ltd.Founder Richard Branson issued statement affirming his support of abortion access.
WPP Group, Inc.CEO Mark Read sent an internal memo that WPP is "updating its benefits plan to provide funding for travel that allows consistent access to healthcare and resources, including abortion care" (AdAge).
Yelp, Inc.Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman stated, “The effective ban on abortions in Texas not only infringes on women’s rights to reproductive health care, but it puts their health and safety at greater risk” after SB took effect in 2021 (ABC News).Announced coverage of costs for employees who must travel to access abortion care (ABC News). Yelp’s Chief Diversity Officer stated, “We've long been a strong advocate for equity in the workplace and believe that gender equity cannot be achieved if women's rights are restricted” (Business Insider).Yelp’s foundation double-matched employee donations to organizations fighting abortion restrictions (Business Insider).
Zendesk, Inc.The software support company issued a statement in support of its employees, stating "access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, is a workforce issue and is central to gender equity and full participation in the workplace."In anticipation of the SCOTUS decision, the companyis offering up to $3000/year to cover travel expenses for employees, spouses, or dependents who need to travel for reproductive health care, including abortion care. In September 2021, the companyadded pregnancy loss to its employee benefits which offers 15 days off to pregnant employees or partners or surrogates.

Companies with <500 employees

CompanyStatementTravel PoliciesPTOSupport for Organizations
829 StudiosWill provide up to $3,500 in travel expense reimbursement for travel to Massachusetts or the nearest location where care is legally available. This benefit will be available to employees, spouses/partners, dependents, and a support person.
Alleyoop, Inc.CEO and founder Leila Kashani posted "It's simple: Reproductive Rights are Healthcare Rights" and shared her support of "everyone's reproductive rights" and encouraged all genders to stand in solidarity with the "power of choice." (Instagram)The company's post encouraged its followers to donate to reproductive rights organizations and abortion funds (Instagram).
Alloy, inc.Pledged to support its team as reproductive rights are in the cross hairs. Committed to covering 50% of legal expenses up to $5,000 for legal issues, up to $1500 towards travel costs out of state, and up to $1500 for out-of-pocket medical expenses related to anti-abortion policies. Alloy's statement shares the company’s benefits including insurance coverage of reproductive health care, 16 weeks of parental leave for primary and secondary caregivers, and unlimited paid time off. The PTO can be used for seeking abortion care, other reproductive health appointments, or time off after a pregnancy loss. Will match an employee’s donation up to $200 through its annual donation match program. Employees can choose to donate to reproductive rights organizations; the company will not match donations to any anti-abortion organizations.
Amalgamated Financial Corp.Amalgamated openly supports access to reproductive health and rights. Announced an internal human resource guideline that will provide coverage for any employee or their dependent who needs to travel out of state for reproductive health care. The coverage includes plane fare or gas costs, lodging and meals, and childcare expenses up to five days. Established the Critical Reproductive Access Fund to deploy and direct new resources to organizations responding to the current state of abortion access.
Bad Robot Production, Inc.Posted on Instagram in support of the right to decide whether and when to be a parent and condemned the TX abortion ban (Instagram).
Billie Inc.Billie posted on Instagram "Your choices about your body should be just that -- yours to make." with a caption "From day one, we have celebrated and championed women's rights to make choices for themselves" (Instagram).The brand donated $100,000 to the ACLU to "help provide resources to those who are fighting to protect human rights" and invited its followers to also donate (Instagram).
BosparLaunched a “Texas Staff Relocation Plan” in which Bospar will cover relocation expenses for staff in Texas who need to relocate to ensure they can control their reproductive health. This plan will extend to staff in other states that restrict access.
Business Forward, Inc. Executive Director Liz Fairchild issued a statement in response to the recent SCOTUS opinion that "Today’s decision not only puts women’s health at risk, it also impairs states’ ability to attract talent and build vibrant, inclusive, and economically competitive communities.” (Business Forward)
Circumference, Inc.The CEO and Founder posted on Instagram that "As a majority women owned and operated company, we celebrate women and the power of choice. Reproductive rights are healthcare rights." (Instagram)
CREDO MobileThe company posted its support on instagram for ally reproductive rights organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and Ultra Violet (Instagram). In its instagram post, the company encouraged its followers to donate to Texas abortion funds (Instagram).
DeoDoc, Inc.The company posted, "As doctors, we know that abortion is an essential medical and human right. Not a matter of politics, nor religion" with an image of repeated "Stay out of my uterus" text (Instagram).
DevaConcepts, LLCThe company posted "Access to safe abortions is a right that should not be up for debate. The potential overturn of Roe v. Wade will impact people who are pregnant, specifically women of color and economically disadvantaged people." (Instagram)The company donated $5,000 each to reproductive justice organizations: National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF), In Our Own Voice: National Black Women's Reproductive Justice Agenda, and National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice and encouraged its followers to follow suit (Instagram).
East Fork PotteryCommitted to donating 20% of sales from Mother's Day Weekend to the Carolina Abortion Fund "to support their life-affirming work." Also made a suggestion to set up a recurring monthly donation to an abortion fund in your area if not planning on buying any pottery (Facebook & Twitter).
e.l.f. Cosmetics, Inc.Elf Cosmetics posted on Instagram that it "stands with a woman's right to choose and supports reproductive healthcare access for all. As a brand dedicated to empowering women, we believe in protecting women's rights." (Instagram)The company will cover the cost of travel and lodging to provide its employees with full access to reproductive care services (Instagram). e.l.f. donated $25,000 to Planned Parenthood and matched employee donations. It also made a call to action to donate to PPFA and other organizations "fighting for women's reproductive rights" (Instagram).
Experiment BeautyShared on its Instagram that its channeling its "humor and anger" into donations, volunteering, and resource sharing. "As a woman owned business with an all female team, its never been more important for us to stand up for our rights. We are beyond tired of our bodily automony being up for debate." (Instagram)After the draft SCOTUS opinion was leaked, the brand committed to donating a portion of revenue since its launch to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Keep Our Clinics campaign, which fundraises for independent clinics around the US.
Favor, Inc.
(Formerly The Pill Club)
CEO Liz Meyerdirk shared a post on her LinkedIn a statement of solidarity, "we’re committed to supporting our patients who need abortions, partnering with in-person and virtual clinics to help get them care. And even though we don’t know exactly what the Court’s final ruling will say, there are ways to take action today." The post, among other things, also provides information on reducing the risk of unintended pregnancy (LinkedIn). The reproductive care provider also created a resource guide for patients to navigate their options as well as this resource hub to take action to protect themselves and others. Favor (Formerly The Pill Club) updated it's pregnancy loss leave policy to explicitly include leave for abotion care, giving all abortion patients a minimum of ten days to also account for travel (more based on gestational age), as well as $3000 for travel expenses. Favor consulted medical professionals (internally and externally) to ensure all patients will have the time they need to obtain and recover from the abortion. Read more on Favor's pregnancy loss leave policy (op-ed). Favor offers offers 3 days of leave after a "non-medically advised pregnancy termination" and leave for pregnancy loss including:

10 days paid leave if they experience a loss within the first 11 weeks of pregnancy;

8 weeks of paid leave for a loss during 12-19 weeks of pregnancy; and

16 weeks of paid leave if they experience a loss in the 20th week of pregnancy or beyond (Fast Company).
CEO of Favor suggests ways to take action including donating to "abortion funds and independent clinics providing abortion support for people who need it" and provides a link to a few funds highlighted by Favor (LinkedIn).
Fempower BeautyThe beauty brand posted on Instagram that "Pregnancy should not make a body public property." The post's caption stated "#reposting from 2019. Can’t believe we are here. Even LOUDER for the people in the back! 📣" (Instagram).
Farmgirl Flowers, Inc.Posted on Instagram, “Abortion is health care – period. We’re standing by advocates like planned parehtood as they fight to protect access to abortion in Texas and beyond.”
Fur, LLCThe co-founders posted on Instagram "At Fur we believe in the power of choice. Body hair options are a privilege but reproductive rights are fundamental." (Instagram)The co-founders committed to donating to the National Network of Abortion Funds and urged its followers to donate to NNAF and abortion funds in states hostile to abortion access (Instagram).
goop, Inc.goop stated on its Instagram that "we believe in reproductive freedom, body integrity, and equal rights regardless of gender" (Instagram).In its post in support of reproductive freedom, the brand pointed its followers to a link to donate to the ACLU's reproductive freedom project, "which fights for the rights of individuals to decide freely, without government hindrance or coercion, whether or not to bear a child" (Instagram).
Harper Wilde, Inc.Harper Wilde launched a limited edition bralette and Cap in response to the extreme anti-abortion laws being passed across the US and the brand's "not-so-subtle way of standing for the rights to make our own decisions about our own bodies." It ended its post with "Keep your beliefs out of our briefs." (Instagram)The brand is donating 15% of the proceeds of its newly launched "f*ck your laws." bralette and Cap to the Roe Fund which provides emotional and financial support for Oklahoma women seeking reproductive services, including abortion care (Instagram).
Herbivore Botanicals, LLCThe company posted on its Instagram "To all of those who could be affected—non-binary individuals, transgender folks, + all of those with a uterus—we see you. Your body, your choice." (Instagram)
Hims & Hers Health, Inc.hims & hers posted a statement of affirmation on LinkedIn, stating "We believe it's important to give our employees certainty over their healthcare and this important right." (LinkedIn)The company is implementing "$6000 in travel reimbursement" and two weeks of leave for employees or their partner who need to travel out of state for "reproductive healthcare access." (LinkedIn)
Indeed, Inc. The employment website posted a statement expressing its commitment to "supporting employees in their own decisions about their health." (LinkedIn)Indeed shared that employees who are on the company's health insurance will "continue to be reimbursed for travel expenses for covered medical procedures" unavailable where they live. (LinkedIn)
InkHouse InkHouse offers 20 weeks of paid parental leave (applies to miscarriage or pregnancy loss at 20 weeks of pregnancy) and two weeks of paid leave for employees experiencing a miscarriage or pregnancy loss in the first 20 weeks.
Jenny Patinkin Eco-Luxe Beauty Tools, DBA
(Lazy Perfection, LLC)
Founder Jenny Patinkin posted that "action needs to be taken now more than ever to protect our civil rights, our rights as women and our basic human rights." (Instagram)The founder asked followers to donate to national and local organizations that provide access to women's health care (Instagram).
Kiramoon BeautyThe beauty company stated, "We stand for all reproductive rights, for all humans." (Instagram)The company donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights and urged its followers to donate to reproductive rights groups and abortion funds (Instagram).
Mejuri, Inc.The company's CEO posted a statement standing "in solidarity with every individual's right to choose." The post states "This news is a direct threat to the right and access to healthcare, and it is our collective responsibility to protect one another" (Instagram). The brand's CEO committed to donating to Keep Our Clinics and urged its followers to make donations to reproductive rights groups (Instagram).
MMI AgencyCEO Maggie Malek posted on LinkedIn about the recent events around abortion access in the state of Texas and the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion. She states, "All of us deserve the right to make our own healthcare choices, choices that are personal and private – this is integral to our beliefs and values as a company that is equitable and inclusive for all, and we will not stand for anything less." (LinkedIn)The agency supports its employees' "right to privacy and access to healthcare" by covering the costs of all travel expenses, including lodging for employees and their dependents, to ensure access to that critical care (AdWeek). MMI offers unlimited PTO and flexible work schedules, 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave for all (including adoption), with the flexibility to extend, and bereavement leave to cover pregnancy loss and abortion care.CEO is seeking out volunteer opportunities and wants to offer MMI Agency’s advertising, marketing, and creative services for abortion funds and reproductive rights organizations.
Mother Denim, LLCThe brand's post states "We unapologetically stand for all reproductive rights" and includes an image that states "Having the freedom to make safe choices for our bodies and having access to resources and medical care is fundamental" (Instagram). The denim company donated $20,000 to the Center for Reproductive Rights and invites followers to donate to reproductive rights organizations including those that protect access to contraception and clinics (Instagram).
(now Caribou Financial, Inc.)
MotoRefi CEO stated that the company does not support TX SB 8 (Fortune).
OkCupid.comTweeted its longstanding support for reproductive rights and condemned the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade (Twitter).
Ouai HaircareThe company posted "a woman is the only person who should make decisions about her body. Abortions are healthcare." (Instagram)The brand committed to donating $15,000 to Keep Our Clinics and an additional $1 (up to $10,000) for each like the post received. The post also shares additional reproductive rights groups to donate to (Instagram).
Parade, inc.Parade posted a note from its CEO Cami Tellez stating "Since the beginning of Parade, we've been unapologetic supporters of abortion access and reproductive rights." Tellez writes, "We're horrified by this decision and we're with you on the basic rights to govern our own bodies" (Instagram).Parade's CEO commited to donate 1% of its revenue to "reproductive rights." The post also makes an ask for donations to reproductive rights groups including abortion funds, such as Missouri Abortion Fund, Choices: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health, Fund Texas Choice, Cobalt Abortion Fund, and the Keep Our Clinics campaign, which fundraises for independent clinics around the US.
RitualRitual posted on its LinkedIn that its "commitment to reproductive rights always starts with our team" and that it remains committed to "supporting our employees choice to, or not to, have a family" (LinkedIn). The company offers unlimited paid time off, flexible work schedules for transition back to work, and bereavement leave including for abortion, miscarriage, or pregnancy loss (LinkedIn). Launched an employee donation match program up to $1000 per employee (LinkedIn).
S'eau Prima, inc.The brand posted "We mean business. We mean change. Nowhere is this more immediately urgent than in the fight for women's reproductive rights and the women it disproportionately affects" (Instagram).The brand committed to donating 30% of its sales in May to the ACLU (Instagram).
Solugen, Inc.CEO Gaurab Chakrabarti tweeted disgust with SB 8 and his intent to open a new R&D facility outside of Texas because of the difficulty to recruit talent (Bloomberg).
Squigs BeautyThe beauty brand posted on its Instagram its continued "support of women's reproductive rights and our right to choose" (Instagram). Squigs committed to donating to Planned Parenthood and urged its follers to donate to abortion funds and other reproductive rights organizations (Instagram).
Urban Skin RxThe company posted "We believe women have the right to make our own choices about our bodies. We do not believe that our bodies should be a playground for lawmakers." (Instagram)
Veris Wealth PartnersVeris Wealth Partners affirmed support for "women's rights to have control over their bodies." Stating, "We are unapologetically pro-choice. We believe that access to abortion is a basic right to medical care. We also condemn any effort to demonize abortion, as women often make this choice with anguish."The firm made a corporate donation, matched by the firm's Partners, to PPFA in May 2022. It also made a call to action to support reproductive health and rights organizations like PPFA, NARAL, CRR, and NAF.

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