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Hidden Value:

The Business Case For Reproductive Health

“Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health offers businesses, the executives that lead them, and the boards that guide them the simple and straightforward steps necessary to protect and support the talent that is both an organization’s most crucial asset and the engine of value creation.”

Miriam Warren
Chief Diversity Officer, Yelp and Board Chair of the Yelp Foundation

“The majority of the world’s largest public companies have made public commitments to diversity and inclusion, but most have not yet connected access to comprehensive reproductive health care as an integral part of an equitable workplace. This report is putting forward solutions companies can implement.”

Daisy Auger-Dominguez
Chief People Officer, VICE Media Group

Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health illuminates the link between access to comprehensive reproductive health care and business performance.

The Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has fundamentally altered the landscape for employer-provided reproductive health care insurance. 

It is more urgent than ever for companies to review coverage specifics and take action to strengthen their policies. Companies that provide strong coverage across the range of reproductive health needs (contraception, abortion, maternal health care, parental leave policies, and more) are better positioned to attract and retain employees, build a strong pipeline of talent, and deliver on diversity and inclusion goals. These strengths can contribute to stronger bottom-line performance while helping companies prepare for increased scrutiny from stakeholders.

The report covers six drivers for corporations to offer the best reproductive health care coverage and benefits and encourages policymakers to secure and ensure abortion access.

The ability of women and other birthing people to participate freely and fully in the workforce is essential to the growth, performance and resilience of the U.S. economy and the businesses which comprise it. This participation is contingent upon access to comprehensive reproductive health services, especially abortion care. These services are used by nearly all women — 99 percent have used contraception and 25 percent have had an abortion by age 45. 

Hidden Value will be useful for corporate leaders, policymakers, benefits professionals, health insurers, investors, and anyone with an interest in expanding access to comprehensive reproductive health care, especially abortion care.

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