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From Here To Maternity: The Business Case for Strong Maternal Healthcare Benefits in the Corporate Sector

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    A large body of literature speaks to the causes of America’s poor maternal health outcomes and how to improve them, but relatively few studies focus on the impact upon corporations, and the difference they can make in their role as providers of insurance and benefits. From Here to Maternity: The Business Case for Strong Maternal Healthcare Coverage in the Private Sector is written for two primary audiences. It is for corporate leaders seeking to understand how strong maternal healthcare benefits can improve employee health and well-being; help create a healthier, more stable, and more diverse talent pool; contribute to greater retention, and reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism. It is also for the investment community, particularly the growing number of investors integrating corporate ESG (environmental, social, and governance) performance into their investment decision-making. These investors may use the information in this report to begin a dialogue with portfolio companies on the quality of their maternal health benefits and related policies. Other audiences who can benefit from From Here To Maternity include other private-sector employees, consultants, lawmakers, and the media.